Difficult when there is no a/c

I’ve made a name for myself as a local news reporter. I remember the days when I was just an intern and I have worked myself up to lead anchor.  The people in our area tune in to see me and other hosts describe the events that took place while they were sleeping. It’s really great work and for the most part, I can say that I love my job. Even as a child people would tell my parents that I had a outgoing and bubbly personality that was perfect for show business. I never really cared for dramatics but I loved telling people what was going on. For this reason, I got my degree in journalism. Usually my morning show is pretty routine. I arrive early, head to hair and makeup, get dressed and we are on the air for two hours total.  I get to leave work by midday to take a nap and get ready for the evening. However, today was not like a normal workday. My producer informed me that the cooling system in our studio had broken overnight and it wouldn’t be repaired until this evening. Well, it’s not like you can cancel the news, I had to go on regardless of the temperature. It felt miserable in the studio. The cameraman kept wiping his brow while trying to hold the camera still at the same time. They tried setting up fans but all that did was push the hot air around. It was worse for me since I had bright lights on me while we were in the broadcast. Without air conditioning, the lights might as well have been portable heaters.  Still, I went on with the broadcast, announcing that our lack of air conditioning was the cause for my disheveled appearance. When I looked at the footage from today’s broadcast, I saw that I looked like a soaked sack of potatoes. Oh well, at least the HVAC technicians have promised it will be in working order for tomorrow’s show.

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