Difficult when there is no a/c

I’ve made a name for myself as a local news reporter. I remember the days when I was just an intern and I have worked myself up to lead anchor.  The people in our area tune in to see me and other hosts describe the events that took place while they were sleeping. It’s really great work and for the most part, I can say that I love my job. Even as a child people would tell my parents that I had a outgoing and bubbly personality that was perfect for show business. I never really cared for dramatics but I loved telling people what was going on. For this reason, I got my degree in journalism. Usually my morning show is pretty routine. I arrive early, head to hair and makeup, get dressed and we are on the air for two hours total.  I get to leave work by midday to take a nap and get ready for the evening. However, today was not like a normal workday. My producer informed me that the cooling system in our studio had broken overnight and it wouldn’t be repaired until this evening. Well, it’s not like you can cancel the news, I had to go on regardless of the temperature. It felt miserable in the studio. The cameraman kept wiping his brow while trying to hold the camera still at the same time. They tried setting up fans but all that did was push the hot air around. It was worse for me since I had bright lights on me while we were in the broadcast. Without air conditioning, the lights might as well have been portable heaters.  Still, I went on with the broadcast, announcing that our lack of air conditioning was the cause for my disheveled appearance. When I looked at the footage from today’s broadcast, I saw that I looked like a soaked sack of potatoes. Oh well, at least the HVAC technicians have promised it will be in working order for tomorrow’s show.

ductless mini split

it was due to a dusty air filter

Susan, in our office, has to be one of the unluckiest people I have ever met.  She always seems to find trouble without looking for it and I really feel bad for her.  She is a successful business woman for the most part but struggles daily to keep it together. Her latest bout of bad luck came about a few weeks ago, right before she was scheduled to head up a conference. This was a game changer for her because if all with well, she would receive a well deserved promotion. He showed up there to work the day of the conference and had no voice at all.  apparently her HVAC system at her house had caused her to develop severe allergies. I asked her what had happened, and she told me that over the course of the last month or so she has been battling a slight cold but this morning woke up unable to speak. All she could do was whisper and she worried that this would blow all chances of her promotion. When I asked why she thought it was her heating and cooling system, she explained that the filter in her system hadn’t been changed in almost a year and when the technician pulled it out he was shocked at the amount of dirt built up in it. He told her that it would certainly explain why she was having cold like symptoms because the bacteria was probably being  recirculated throughout their home as well. She said that she is usually pretty good about remembering to change the filter but for some reason it had slipped her mind. I am really hoping she gets through this conference ok and and makes a good impression anyway. It is just her luck that this would happen to her.

a/c filter

The commercial HVAC unit

With the Summer in full swing, my besties and I spend a nice deal of our off time at the beach. When the tide is right, the four of us ladies usually have our surf fishing poles out with a line in the water. Yet if the sun is too sizzling, we’ll go surfing or snorkeling off the beach! Every one of us typically joke that there is so much you can do while doing nothing at the beach. However one of our preferred locales is a quiet little beach on the east coast, then the sand there is snow white and the consistency of good powder… Recently, the city built a new boardwalk section with immense cooling stations where beachgoers can go to get out of the sun for a few hours at a time. It’s essentially a tent that has cooling tubes that are fed chilly air by a commercial HVAC system. They pump a light mist into the vents that are fed by the ducting so it blows a cool mist on you. They have a lifeguard that rotates out with other lifeguards throughout the day to monitor it–they make sure that everyone that wants to gets a chance to cool off for a bit. It’s a nice addition to the new pier they built after the last hurricane came through; before that storm destroyed the old pier, there weren’t any nice options there to cool off… Now there is the cool mist tent, which is conveniently located next to the pizza shop right there on the beach.

quality cooling

AC working like a charm

I had the best date the other day, which I think was great for both of us… I met this guy who was undoubtedly great; he accepted my invitation to make him brunch! Well he invited me to his apartment. I brought the groceries as well as ingredients needed for my specialty dish. I also brought a nice bottle of champagne as well as some flutes for mimosas. He was glad to see me get to work; I feel he loved seeing me dice up the vegetables as well as cut the meat. Once I had the stove going, the smells of breakfast food were fantastic, but I observed it was getting a little too sweltering as I continued cooking. However that’s when he informed me that his air conditioning was on the fritz. I told him not to worry, I had some tools in my car. He said I didn’t have to bother with that, he could just call the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C business. I told him to just trust me, I knew how to work on heating and cooling systems. I had my tools as well as got to work instantly. In less than half an hour, I had the air conditioning working like a charm. He was so impressed as well as so glad that I repaired his heating and A/C system at no strenuous cost to him. I even was all cleaned up as well as ready before the brunch was all done. Though if I’m being honest, I was motivated to work fast because I wanted this to be the perfect date. Both of us had an undoubtedly charming meal, incredible conversation as well as an overall great afternoon. He can’t wait for our dinner date; neither can I.

HVAC corporation

air conditioning work

I called my cousin to tell him that our air conditioner needs some help.  He works for an HVAC business, but he never seems to have time for our A/C concerns.  I’m not asking for free A/C work, just some family help; he asked me and my partner to check the air filter.  I informed him that I had checked the A/C filter, and it is fine. I also told him that the air filter is clean, so that is not the reason why I don’t have an effective A/C unit.  So please come over and check our A/C unit… I’m his older cousin, and I’ve always tried to help him with problems, if I could. I would really hope he feels the same way. I only recently bought this house, and I need all the help I can get.  So a little low-cost HVAC maintenance would go a long way. I work at a fencing business, and I was able to get him an undoubtedly good price on a whole weather-proof fence for his house. So maybe I am looking for lower HVAC costs, however a little reciprocation would be really nice right now, especially since our temperature control is outta whack.  I could provide him with a good home-cooked meal for the unscheduled HVAC appointment, and really pay him for any A/C service parts needed. Maybe catering to his stomach will get him over to our condo for an HVAC tune-up. I’ll even offer to cater his next date night, if he gets our A/C cooling better again!

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Each resident gets a/c

I heard on the news the other morning that a man called 911 when his apartment air conditioning broke plus he felt drastically plus dangerously hot.  It seems that the cooling system went down in over half of the apartment complex. In this unbearably sizzling summer, it can be life-threatening to some if the cooling system breaks down.  In fact, the article went on to say that the police went door to door on a wellness check of the apartment tenants. Some of the elderly and sick residents left their blistering apartments to stay with family members that had working air conditioning.  In the meantime, the apartment complex owners were forced to supply ductless mini split air conditioning units to all the residents who stayed in their apartment while the cooling system was being repaired. They had professional HVAC service personnel on hand, however it was not a simple air conditioning fix.  Unfortunately for the residents, it may be a while before the cooling system is fully running again, since the air conditioning service provider had to order some parts. I wonder if another HVAC maintenance provider could help obtain the necessary service parts, however I’m sure all of the HVAC repair providers are actually tied up right now.  In fact, the weather report shows continued heat in the forecast. The article went on to say that local HVAC companies are so busy, that their contact phones are ringing off the hook with people pleading for HVAC preventive repair. These people are anxious that their air conditioning might go out smack dab in the middle of this heat wave.

a/c system

Savings with our thermostat

I’ve been searching for ways to save money on our several bills.  My husband recently lost a good-paying job, and we’re all forced to cut-back on expenses any way possible.  One way that I thought our family could save money is on our utility charges. No longer can my teenage boy take a half-hour shower.  We’ve all been allocated to fifteen minutes, each. Another way to save money is to raise the climate control equipment on the central air conditioning.  We’ve constantly had a programmable climate control unit, so the A/C doesn’t come on when the home is empty. Along with the programmable climate control unit, we’re using more fans and less A/C.  In my research to save money on the A/C usage, I visited a heating and A/C contractor website. The heating and A/C service provider also encourages the A/C user to dial up the climate control equipment by a single degree, at least.  Just a single degree will save on the electric bill somewhere from a single to three percent– which will be a nice savings on the electric bill. Simply by raising the control equipment on the A/C, that 1 to 3 percent A/C savings will go a long way in our current financial issues. Thankfully, my husband has been getting some excellent feedback on his several resumes, and the two of us are all hoping that our present situation improves soon.  With the economy improving such as it is in record numbers, the two of us expect enjoyable times to be right around the corner for us. In the meantime, we’ll continue to watch the water and A/C usage to save that all mighty dollar!

programmable thermostat

Feeling good air quality

For a long while, it seemed that my allergies were only getting worse–I genuinely didn’t know what to do. I consistently take my animal allergy medication, however it doesn’t do the task as enjoyable as it once did… When I was at the hospital the one day speaking with my dentist, he got around to asking about my heating and AC system. Then he ended up telling me that I should consider investing in a high quality air purification system. I have never thought about getting something adore that before. Although he said that having an air purification system working in the apartment is a good way to improve the air quality and relieve awful allergies such as I was experiencing. He even told me that he got one in his household for the sake of his son who was suffering terribly–it helped him out quite a bit! So he wasn’t just telling me to help air purification system sales, he was telling me from personal experience how this worked to improve his son’s health. Well, if it could work for his son, I figured it particularly couldn’t hurt. I looked up some air purification systems online and was able to find one with awesome ratings. I ordered this air purification system and had it installed in my home. When I had the current air purification system running, it absolutely did task great. I noticed improvement right away with my allergies. I could breathe easier and I didn’t feel so terrible when I was inside of my household. I sure was grateful for that doctor who recommended that I get a nice air purification system to improve the air quality in my venue. It absolutely has improved my life a good deal. I definitely don’t guess so irritated all of the time anymore.

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The exam’s ac

Just the other afternoon, I saw an advertisement for getting some glasses for relatively cheap. The advertised price of the eye exam I thought was fairly satisfactory as well… When I went to this optometrist to get my eye exam, I instantly walked into a wave of damp air. The air quality was absolutely horrible! I undoubtedly wanted to get my exam and my glasses for a fantastic price, so I chose to wait for my exam… I was so sweaty that I was even getting sweat into my eyes. I asked them about changing the temperature control and they said that the settings were controlled by their corporate office. I felt as though the heating and A/C idea wasn’t even turned on because I didn’t detect any air whatsoever coming from the central air conditioning ductwork. I just couldn’t focus on this eye exam–my eyes were stinging so badly–so I told them that I was just going to leave. I later went to this other vision care center to get my eye exam and some nice glasses. This office was undoubtedly nice and the whole place was air conditioned perfectly. I didn’t sweat at all and the eye exam went splendidly. I was so ecstatic with this optometrist and their excellent air quality that I bought a pair of sunglasses too! Given, it was much more expensive than the other site, but I suppose you get what you pay for! I would never advise that anyone go to that other site; they must have been desperate to sell their products for so cheap. I bet if I bought glasses from them, they would be broken within the week.

a/c install

Can’t afford the a/c repair

I live in a very unknown area of the country, a locale only fit for the most hearty folks. In our area there a few thousands people spread out over the county, but none of them live close enough together to be considered a town. In this county, people tend to live on their own, in big stilt houses, around the edges of the swamp. This is bayou country, where those who live her hunt alligators for fun and for food, and where more folks own air boats then they do cars. I myself do not own a working car–I haven’t needed one in years. I am an air conditioner service worker, fully certified and licensed to service heating and cooling systems. I do this job exclusively by airboat, partially because it’s the easiest way to travel, but also because most of our clients are only accessible that way. However not many roads exist in the bayou. I am the only real heating and A/C tech that can make it out that deep into the swamp. Yet some people don’t think I’m telling the truth; they suppose that swamp people don’t own cooling systems. I can tell you that most of us out here have some kind of cooling system, even if they aren’t very modern. Most of the cooling systems I repair are many years old, some of them are over 20! A lot of these people can’t afford a central AC, and even if they could these old stilt houses don’t have room for the air duct system. Though riding around in a boat fixing up heating and A/C systems ain’t for everybody, however I totally love it!

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