The soup and air cooling

I stepped into a restaurant a few afternoons ago. A buddy of mine had been there as well as had singing such high praises of their pepperpot stew, that I just had to taste it.. I was pleasantly surprised by the general atmosphere of the place, as well as questioned myself as to why I had neglected coming here before now. The lady at the counter smiled a welcome as I took a seat as well as began learning the menu. The air was cool as well as comfortable, with the pleasant aroma of sizzling food wafting through it. Not far from our table was substantial fan which was not running. I assumed that to be the backup plan, should the a/c fail. Right now though, it was unnecessary. This particular Heating as well as A/C idea was laboring great. When a waitress came to take our order, I ignored the menu sheet as well as ordered pepper pot stew.  My order was filled in hours as well as with it came an ice chilly glass of water. The aroma was good as well as I dug in. Then, quickly, it was like our mouth as well as tongue were on fire. I swallowed almost half the glass of water in a single single gulp. This stew was HOT. Beads of sweat were forming on our forehead as well as the Heating as well as A/C unit was beginning to seem woefully unsatisfactory. The friendly lady at the counter saw our destress, walked over as well as turned the fan on before I could asked. I took the rest of the stew beach home to somebody who could handle pepper. Now I am wondering how to reasonably avenge our embarrassment on that buddy of mine

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