Smoking costs a ton in HVAC too

There are a lot of things I miss about smoking. I miss the taste, I miss the way it provided a little kick to my day, as well as I miss taking smoke breaks. More than anything, I miss those smoke breaks! When you are a smoker, every couple of hours you can go outside as well as hang out for a few hours as well as no one questions it. Smoke breaks were the best way to step away from the desk as well as clear my head. Now that I am off the cigarettes, I find myself missing those frequent but short breaks. There are a lot of things I don’t miss about smoking, too, such as the awful air quality that followed me around. Even at work, where they run the Heating as well as A/C method all the time, I would still odor smoke in the air. That was because I myself odored love smoke, my clothes as well as my hair, as well as that polluted the air quality wherever I would go. These days my air quality stays high, because I am not exhaling smoke into it always. I need to change out my air filter at condo less often, because there is less particulate matter to scrub out of the airflow. In turn, a cleaner air filter means my air conditioner runs more efficiently, as well as I truly save a few bucks off of my bi-weekly bills each week. On top of the currency I save on cigarettes just having better health, cleaner air quality, as well as lower Heating as well as A/C bills, quitting cigarettes is saving me hundreds of dollars a year!

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