Planning to look over our a/c unit

My boyfriend works as an auto repairman; He has been working on cars trucks, since he was 14 years old.  My boyfriend truly loves his work, except while I was in the summer. The auto body shop has four immense doors that remain open all day long. There is no escaping from the scorching heat & humidity. There is no central a/c inside the workshop either. There is a lukewarm water fountain in the shop, which is supposed to keep them refreshed & well hydrated.The heat & humidity are awful, & my boyfriend has been complaining for months. I finally decided to look for a portable a/c unit, that he could take to the shop & leave there. My sibling volunteered to help me look, & we decided to go out this weekend to find something. My boyfriends birthday is next week, & I wanted to surprise him with this gift. I found a  new portable a/c unit by the name of Portacool. It’s about 3 feet high, & looks similar to radio speakers.The bottom of the portable a/c unit gets filled with water. The chilly water then helps cool the air coming out of the portable air cooler. It only cost a few pennies a day to run, & is very energy efficient. It was more cash than I wanted to spend, but the retail person promised this was the best model for my needs. I can’t wait to surprise my boyfriends with the a/c. He is going to be so stoked. The outdoor hot temperatures are only going to get warmer, and we are only in the middle of August.

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