Finally getting that gas heater

Winter season is a difficult 12 weeks around here, and between the chilly frigid hot as well as cold temperatures and the Winter season accumulation, things can be pretty bad.  The average Winter season temperatures are right around freezing, and our area sees a large accumulation of ice as well as snow! We live close to the hazard zone, where we get 6 feet of snow on average. But this year was especially terrible, because a blizzard blew into town. The blizzard dumped more than five feet of snow, ice, as well as sleet on our town, my little gas furnace got a intense workout, and then stopped just working halfway through the awful Winter season storm. The gas furnace was significantly old, so neither of us were surprised when it broke down. We hoped the local gas furnace service contractor would be able to service the gas furnace. We had to wait for 2 days before they could fit us into the schedule. We hit some awful luck, as well as found out that the gas furnace would need to be completely replaced. But luckily, we could use our debit card to buy a new gas furnace for the house. It had been multiple long years since the last gas furnace was bought, so we decided to get something more energy efficient this go around. Our heating bills are dire throughout the Winter season, so any help is awesome. Even saving five percent on our energy bills, is a immense amount of savings. Those savings add up fast. Our HVAC provider installed the new gas furnace last week, and it seems to run much better than the ancient one. I suppose we made a good decision, when we went with a more energy efficient model.

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