Why I am aggravated

Henry is quite a weird dude. He  needs everything to be perfect to the point of obsession. I once watched him sell a nearly new vehicle  because of the color. Henry insisted that the paint had faded. I couldn’t see the problem. The car looked brand new to me.  Henry wasn’t happy and he traded it in. Henry is just a quirky fellow. He’s probably my best friend. I like him and have no issue with his quirky ways. He does get into a bind sometimes. There was this time a few weeks ago where he nearly sold his house at a loss. This was  because of a small problem he couldn’t manage. It started when Henry purchased a radon detector for his basement. He is always very conscientious about safety. He had a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector. He keeps a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. Testing for radon gas was a priority. I’m glad that he did,  because he found high levels of the gas in the basement. Radon is dangerous. Radon gas has been linked to cancer. If breathed in for an extended period of time, it’s a huge health hazard. Henry was lucky to find the problem early. The radon got in through some cracks in the foundation of Henry’s house. He wasn’t sure how to fix this and was convinced he should sell the house. He simply needed seal up the cracks and  vent the radon. I convinced him to call a professional radon mitigation contractor for an estimate. It was reasonable and the project was completed three days later.

radon testing equipment