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Me and my family live in a much older neighborhood. It’s safe plus quaint and quiet, however most of the homeowners are older and have moved further south for warmer weather. Last fall someone came and cut the grass and raked up the leaves plus sticks. There was at least twenty bags of debris stacked against the house. After about five weeks into the Summer, my neighbor that had recently moved into the house next door, visited me and my hubby to ask for his help with their heating and cooling unit. Apparently, they had seen his heating and cooling supplier truck parked outside in front of our home. Our neighbor asked if my hubby would be willing to take a look at her brand new up-to-date heating and cooling system. She said that the heating and cooling system was running however not blowing cool air. My hubby told her that even without looking at her heating and cooling system device he could tell her what one of the concerns was. He showed her the twenty or so yard bags that were stacked around her air condenser unit. He explained that the air condenser drew the air inside into the heating and cooling system for the air to be cooled and circulated throughout the house. Since her air condenser HVAC device was surrounded and clogged by the numerous bags of debris it was unable to function effectively. I’m so happy my husband is a certified heating and cooling specialist. Not only does he help friends, but he also helps our family save money on heating and cooling repair bills!

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