The ideal cooling unit

Last year, my girlfriend and I took a trip to an all inclusive resort. It was the most amazing week of my life, I’m telling you! All of us had all the food and drinks we could want, and we spent the entire week resting by the beach and the pool. I got a great bronze tan as well! The employees were so accommodating and waited on us kindly! We planned another all inclusive vacation for this year as well, and I am so happy for everything this vacation has to offer! There’s one exception: the heat! I enjoy Summer weather as much as the next person, but Summer weather in this area of the world is on another level. It was so hot! I almost experienced heat stroke more than once. When all of us were lounging by the pool, I jumped into the water every chance I could to cool off. I also drank a lot of frozen beverages to cool off, and I was certainly thankful that our room had a strong cooling system. This a/c system was our saving grace, to say the least! It kept us cool and comfortable all night long. It was also the most refreshing feeling to come back to a cool room after spending the entire afternoon in the sun. The heat is part of the experience, I know, but it was difficult to adjust to it. This is especially difficult for me since I come from a much colder region of the country. I am used to tundra snow storms and chilly chilly weather. Although the weather was difficult to deal with, I am certainly happy to have another week of relaxation with our girlfriend!

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