Our HVAC saves us a ton

It’s amazing the several weird methods and ways that you can save money if you know how. The best advice I ever had from anyone was an energy saving tip that came from our uncle who owns a heating and cooling business himself. He explained that over half of the energy used in the home is from heating and cooling usage. He gave me tips to save energy and lower our utility bill.  He advocated if the heating and cooling system in our home was over several years old and was not working respectfully it should be replaced with a performance certified energy efficient unit which guarantees you energy savings. He also mentioned that the ductwork is 1 of the most pressing elements of a respectfully functioning energy efficient heating and cooling system. Twenty to thirty percent of your heating and cooling could leak from the ductwork if it is installed with leaks or non connected ducts.  So he reiterated that it was most important to have the air duct installed by a qualified heating and cooling serviceman. His last suggestion was to make sure that our home and ductwork was respectfully insulated, this helps reduce how hard the heating and cooling system has to work to maintain the set temperature in the home. Sealing and insulating can reduce our total energy use by 15 percent. Saving money is a great thing. And i’ll always be thankful to my uncle for that advise!

HVAC technician