Digging up the issues

I have hoped to be able to afford my own home for several years.  I have consistently rented apartments for the last eighteen years.  I feel like I’ve wasted enough money on rent. I have a decent job and I make a good living. I am no sure why I can’t ever save enough money for a down payment on a house. Maybe renting a place is for the best. Owning a house comes with all sorts of work and responsibility.   I am not sure I have the time or patience for all that. Actually, I have a buddy, Marty, who just bought a house a couple months ago. The house has been nothing but a challenge for him. Marty just had to replace have the foundation of the home. There were so many cracks that  it was turning into rubble. I hadn’t realized that cinder blocks could disintegrate and cause such severe problems. Along with the foundation issues, Marty discovered a high concentration of radon gas. Radon is super dangerous. It is found in the soil and is released in a gaseous form.  It wafts inside through any apertures in the foundation. The amount of radon they found down in Marty’s basement was scary. He hired a professional company to handle the problem. The solution wasn’t all that expensive. A combination of a ventilation pipe and fan installed into the basement allows the radon to escape harmlessly into the atmosphere.  Marty can now be sure is home is safe and free of radon gas.

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