A/C device with video games

Me and my little bro have typically been important nerds when it comes to videogames, from an early age. From the last day of school until a month before it restarted, my bro and I spent every morning and night in the basement of our house, wasting away our childhood as the both of us were sucked into our virtual realities, however while we both loved every second of it, we really didn’t appreciate having to stop every hour or so to go upstairs just to escape the heat. Our basement had absolutely no air conditioner, as well as during the Summer it was like a walk-in oven. We couldn’t crack the basement windows, either, since our pet would try to escape through the opening and into the neighbor’s yard, and so, we settled for occasional breaks, and begged our parents to deliver us a fan to keep downstairs. They refused, no matter how much we pleaded! Looking back though, I’m sure it’s because they’d never see us otherwise. Funny thing is, I went back to visit our parents in that old house the other morning, and I went downstairs to look around as well as reminisce. When I went downstairs, I was hit with a blast of cool air. I asked my parents, and they both they told me they decided to install a ductless mini-split heating and cooling system for the basement as soon as my bro and myself moved out. Guess they truly didn’t want us lingering in the basement! A really cruel trick if you ask me. But hey, I guess parents do the strangest things sometimes, you know? That’s life!

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