The ideal cooling unit

Last year, my girlfriend and I took a trip to an all inclusive resort. It was the most amazing week of my life, I’m telling you! All of us had all the food and drinks we could want, and we spent the entire week resting by the beach and the pool. I got a great bronze tan as well! The employees were so accommodating and waited on us kindly! We planned another all inclusive vacation for this year as well, and I am so happy for everything this vacation has to offer! There’s one exception: the heat! I enjoy Summer weather as much as the next person, but Summer weather in this area of the world is on another level. It was so hot! I almost experienced heat stroke more than once. When all of us were lounging by the pool, I jumped into the water every chance I could to cool off. I also drank a lot of frozen beverages to cool off, and I was certainly thankful that our room had a strong cooling system. This a/c system was our saving grace, to say the least! It kept us cool and comfortable all night long. It was also the most refreshing feeling to come back to a cool room after spending the entire afternoon in the sun. The heat is part of the experience, I know, but it was difficult to adjust to it. This is especially difficult for me since I come from a much colder region of the country. I am used to tundra snow storms and chilly chilly weather. Although the weather was difficult to deal with, I am certainly happy to have another week of relaxation with our girlfriend!

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The licensed heater and a/c

My younger cousin decided to take some time off after she graduated from high school. Unlike the rest of the family, she decided not to go to college right after graduation. She worked at a local restaurant for two years before deciding to go back to school, and at that point she decided to explore trade school. She went on various tours before finally deciding to enroll in a Heating, Ventilation plus A/C program. This program lasts 1 year, and she goes to school full time during the week. At the end of the program, she will be a licensed Heating, Ventilation plus A/C repairman. I am so proud of her for going back to school and starting a career for herself! I recently called to check in on her progress, and I was certainly cheerful to hear that she enjoys the curriculum. She is enjoying learning something so practical and useful, and as she learns about modern techniques in repairing heating and cooling systems, she is applying these techniques in her home as well. She has already upgraded her heating system in her father’s home, and she has also repaired the a/c system at her mother’s apartment. It makes myself and others so cheerful to see her learning something new, and applying her knowledge in the real world! In another three months, she will complete her program, at which point completing her program, she is looking into finding a full time job with a Heating, Ventilation plus A/C corporation. Our entire family is so proud! She has taken the first steps towards building a serious career which will allow her family to live a comfortable life.

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House needs air duct cleaning

As a Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C worker, I am regularly asked at least one question in particular: “why do I need to get my ductwork cleaned?”. I try to supply the same answer: It is dirty, and besides the normal accumulation of dirt and dust in all homes with ductworks, numerous other reasons increase the need for a regular Heating, Ventilation, and A/C cleaning. Pet dander, tobacco smoke, as well as water damage to the house or the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system are all causes to cleanse the ducts. You really want to have your ductwork cleaned if you have had any type of home renovation or remodeling project going on, too. Another large reason to have your ductwork cleaned is if there’s someone in the house with asthma or pollen irritations. Young children and the elderly seem to be more susceptible to the poor indoor air conditions than anyone else, so keep them in mind! The Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C provider that I work for sends out coupons regularly, which help with the cost of the typical ductwork cleaning. It regularly helps to change that air filter out monthly, too! I’ve seen air filters that never got changed in years, but somehow the homeowner had bad pollen irritations that were made worse. That is the first thing I suggest to my customers whenever they ask! When it comes to ductwork cleaning, our rule of thumb is that a dirty ductwork system should be maintained by a licensed Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C professional, and maintained often!

Want a great HVAC provider

I just could not keep my fireplace working as it should this past Winter – as if something was critically wrong with the firepit or something. The smoke that would usually flow out through the flue would just spread into the house, which was aggravating as could be! Rather than continue with a non-functioning fireplace, I decided to research modern sources of heat that I could switch up to. Nowadays, some of the portable electric heating systems in the market can be excellent sources of heat and warmth without producing emissions. These electric systems can allow for improved indoor air conditions compared to older fireplaces. That is exactly why I intended to reduce the overall use of my fireplace anyway, and ideally replace the fireplace with numerous electric heaters around the house. I contacted a local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C company to come out and clean the ductwork first, as the initial step in my quest for improved air quality at home. Replacing the fireplace was the ultimate goal! I couldn’t tell you how often my fireplace used to backflow smoke into my home, even though professional chimney sweeps have cleaned it thoroughly! My fireplace just refused to keep the house warm enough to put up with the poor indoor air conditions that it was creating for me! These days, my fireplace serves as a purely decorative piece of the home. For a while, I considered having one of those fake fireplaces installed right into the firebox, or even an electric one. Ultimately, I went with a gas-powered fireplace that was ventless. No emissions, no ash – just a controlled fire to keep me warm through the day.

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The quality HVAC team

Me and my family live in a much older neighborhood. It’s safe plus quaint and quiet, however most of the homeowners are older and have moved further south for warmer weather. Last fall someone came and cut the grass and raked up the leaves plus sticks. There was at least twenty bags of debris stacked against the house. After about five weeks into the Summer, my neighbor that had recently moved into the house next door, visited me and my hubby to ask for his help with their heating and cooling unit. Apparently, they had seen his heating and cooling supplier truck parked outside in front of our home. Our neighbor asked if my hubby would be willing to take a look at her brand new up-to-date heating and cooling system. She said that the heating and cooling system was running however not blowing cool air. My hubby told her that even without looking at her heating and cooling system device he could tell her what one of the concerns was. He showed her the twenty or so yard bags that were stacked around her air condenser unit. He explained that the air condenser drew the air inside into the heating and cooling system for the air to be cooled and circulated throughout the house. Since her air condenser HVAC device was surrounded and clogged by the numerous bags of debris it was unable to function effectively. I’m so happy my husband is a certified heating and cooling specialist. Not only does he help friends, but he also helps our family save money on heating and cooling repair bills!

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Our HVAC saves us a ton

It’s amazing the several weird methods and ways that you can save money if you know how. The best advice I ever had from anyone was an energy saving tip that came from our uncle who owns a heating and cooling business himself. He explained that over half of the energy used in the home is from heating and cooling usage. He gave me tips to save energy and lower our utility bill.  He advocated if the heating and cooling system in our home was over several years old and was not working respectfully it should be replaced with a performance certified energy efficient unit which guarantees you energy savings. He also mentioned that the ductwork is 1 of the most pressing elements of a respectfully functioning energy efficient heating and cooling system. Twenty to thirty percent of your heating and cooling could leak from the ductwork if it is installed with leaks or non connected ducts.  So he reiterated that it was most important to have the air duct installed by a qualified heating and cooling serviceman. His last suggestion was to make sure that our home and ductwork was respectfully insulated, this helps reduce how hard the heating and cooling system has to work to maintain the set temperature in the home. Sealing and insulating can reduce our total energy use by 15 percent. Saving money is a great thing. And i’ll always be thankful to my uncle for that advise!

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A/C device with video games

Me and my little bro have typically been important nerds when it comes to videogames, from an early age. From the last day of school until a month before it restarted, my bro and I spent every morning and night in the basement of our house, wasting away our childhood as the both of us were sucked into our virtual realities, however while we both loved every second of it, we really didn’t appreciate having to stop every hour or so to go upstairs just to escape the heat. Our basement had absolutely no air conditioner, as well as during the Summer it was like a walk-in oven. We couldn’t crack the basement windows, either, since our pet would try to escape through the opening and into the neighbor’s yard, and so, we settled for occasional breaks, and begged our parents to deliver us a fan to keep downstairs. They refused, no matter how much we pleaded! Looking back though, I’m sure it’s because they’d never see us otherwise. Funny thing is, I went back to visit our parents in that old house the other morning, and I went downstairs to look around as well as reminisce. When I went downstairs, I was hit with a blast of cool air. I asked my parents, and they both they told me they decided to install a ductless mini-split heating and cooling system for the basement as soon as my bro and myself moved out. Guess they truly didn’t want us lingering in the basement! A really cruel trick if you ask me. But hey, I guess parents do the strangest things sometimes, you know? That’s life!

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Why I am aggravated

Henry is quite a weird dude. He  needs everything to be perfect to the point of obsession. I once watched him sell a nearly new vehicle  because of the color. Henry insisted that the paint had faded. I couldn’t see the problem. The car looked brand new to me.  Henry wasn’t happy and he traded it in. Henry is just a quirky fellow. He’s probably my best friend. I like him and have no issue with his quirky ways. He does get into a bind sometimes. There was this time a few weeks ago where he nearly sold his house at a loss. This was  because of a small problem he couldn’t manage. It started when Henry purchased a radon detector for his basement. He is always very conscientious about safety. He had a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector. He keeps a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. Testing for radon gas was a priority. I’m glad that he did,  because he found high levels of the gas in the basement. Radon is dangerous. Radon gas has been linked to cancer. If breathed in for an extended period of time, it’s a huge health hazard. Henry was lucky to find the problem early. The radon got in through some cracks in the foundation of Henry’s house. He wasn’t sure how to fix this and was convinced he should sell the house. He simply needed seal up the cracks and  vent the radon. I convinced him to call a professional radon mitigation contractor for an estimate. It was reasonable and the project was completed three days later.

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Digging up the issues

I have hoped to be able to afford my own home for several years.  I have consistently rented apartments for the last eighteen years.  I feel like I’ve wasted enough money on rent. I have a decent job and I make a good living. I am no sure why I can’t ever save enough money for a down payment on a house. Maybe renting a place is for the best. Owning a house comes with all sorts of work and responsibility.   I am not sure I have the time or patience for all that. Actually, I have a buddy, Marty, who just bought a house a couple months ago. The house has been nothing but a challenge for him. Marty just had to replace have the foundation of the home. There were so many cracks that  it was turning into rubble. I hadn’t realized that cinder blocks could disintegrate and cause such severe problems. Along with the foundation issues, Marty discovered a high concentration of radon gas. Radon is super dangerous. It is found in the soil and is released in a gaseous form.  It wafts inside through any apertures in the foundation. The amount of radon they found down in Marty’s basement was scary. He hired a professional company to handle the problem. The solution wasn’t all that expensive. A combination of a ventilation pipe and fan installed into the basement allows the radon to escape harmlessly into the atmosphere.  Marty can now be sure is home is safe and free of radon gas.

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I have so many aspirations

It never occurred to me that the thermostat in my home would take batteries; I just thought it wired directly into the house electrical wiring like the stove and light switches do. The thermostat is located on the wall, so that’s what I had figured. One Sunday when the A/C was not coming on, it never dawned on me that the thermostat batteries might have expired. I rose early one Sunday to go for a run before we went to church. The house was a bit warmer than normal inside, but I didn’t think too much about it until later. When I returned from running, it was extremely humid inside. I just thought that it was me being hot from my run. I showered real quick to cool down and stretched out for a short nap right after. About an hour later, I felt sick when I got up. It was extremely warm inside and I knew there was a problem with the air conditioning. The display on the thermostat was blank so I knew there must be a problem somewhere. I called the HVAC repair company that happened to be open Sundays and explained the issue to the woman on the phone. She inquired if I had ever put new batteries in the thermostat. She could tell by my confusion that I hadn’t. I looked all over the house for some AAA batteries for the thermostat, and after a few minutes I located a couple. She led me through the process of replacing the batteries and that fixed the issue right away. She was kind enough to save me an embarrassing and expensive service visit. I now know that the thermostat takes batteries, so I hopefully won’t have the same issue again.

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