Low cooling mode when I am gone

This summer I have decided to visit my parents for a few months! I live in the south and they live in the north. I will admit, I think the south is way better all around. However one thing the north might have better is the summer temperatures. The southern summers are often just too darn hot.  However even with the A/C going, the humidity and intense sunlight gets to be too much. In the south going outside is often rough and I spend the whole time trying to not get a sunburn. That is why I think spending the summer in the north with my parents will be nice. In the north, you almost don’t need A/C. It gets hot, warm enough for a tan, however not enough to get a severe burn. A swimming pool is not even required, and you actually can have people over and relax outside in complete comfort. The only thing I am worried about though is leaving my apartment unoccupied. I don’t want to run my air conditioner full blast while I am not there. I feel it would be a waste of electricity and could hurt my A/C system. I would not be there to provide any maintenance such as changing the air filter and washing out the condensation drain. However, on the other had not having A/C running  in my locale would allow the humidity to rise. Then I could be dealing with mold when I get home. So what do I do about this situation? I am hoping my cooling system can be set on a low cooling mode, maybe it would not hurt the A/C that much and keep the mold from forming. Also doing a little bit of A/C would not be too awful in terms of bills.

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Most of it spent on the heater

I recently made a consistent effort to cut down our household expenses.  I became much more diligent about planning our grocery list in addition to began to take advantage of coupons in addition to deals.  I turned off the lights every time I left a room, in addition to shortened the time of our showers. I cut back on our occasional shopping sprees online in addition to started packing our dinner instead of going out.  While these adjustments helped, the money didn’t add up to much. When I looked over our household budget, I realized that the biggest chunk of our paycheck was spent on the HVAC bill. Since the Wintertime weather in this area of the country is normally below freezing, in addition to endurs for around several weeks, I couldn’t go without warmth.  I had to find ways to cut back the workload of the oil furnace in addition to save energy. After learning about energy saving tips online, I first tried some do-it-yourself ideas. I placed caulk around the windows of the house, weatherstripped the doors, in addition to become more careful about changing the air filter. I also changed the temperature control setting by several degrees.  I didn’t perceive a big difference in comfort, but there was genuinely an large impact on our utility bill. This helped myself and others to start changing the oil furnace before I left for work in the morning. By not keeping an empty house to the perfect temperature all day long, I saved quite a bit of money. Sadly, this meant that I returned house to a cool house. I finally bought a programmable temperature control in addition to was able to install it myself.  The temperature control was not all that expensive but has made our energy conservation efforts so much more simple.

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Need a HVAC program

My folks are getting really sold, so I felt it vital to visit them more often both to have more time with them plus to aid out when they need it. Unfortunately, last month, I met my enemy in terms of being able to aid them. Their HVAC unit downstairs was starting to have serious issues in bringing their home to the typical level of heating and cooling to be sufficient for people their years. I took a few hours playing around with their HVAC unit, but I was simply unable to aid. I talked to the HVAC company to get a repair done, plus it was just later that afternoon that the HVAC company was able to drive out plus aid us. They were incredibly proficient plus intelligent in their field. I was astounded with their service, but my mother was a tradeswoman herself, so she understand how to give exceptional customer repair when going into people’s’ abodes. She agreed that this HVAC specialist was among the most wonderful individuals that we’ve had the pleasure of spending time with in our home. Their HVAC unit was repaired within the afternoon plus for an appropriate fee.

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House hunting with no heating

My partner and I have been hunting for houses for several months now. We have been to several different states on how, where, when, what, etc. We’re simply unable to fix our thoughts on anything other than the kind of weather conditions we’re looking sor. We’ve been staying in a harshly sizzling desert weather conditions our entire lives, so the two of us want to stay in a colder weather conditions as the two of us think. That will give us the much needed relief from the heat. After staying in a chilly weather conditions for a month, the two of us also realized the vitalness of heating inside the home, and now the two of us make this a priority this as the two of us do value our enjoyability as well. All of us discovered a good house with something called radiant radiant floors that provide the single most amazing heating opportunity we’ve ever come across. It was easily heavenly, and the two of us liked being able to literally feel the heating radiating from our socks. It was just nations apart from proper heating, and we’re on the hunt for the system now! Let’s hope the two of us discover something within our price range.

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Heating was real dusty

There is nothing that I care about more than the festive cheer of Christmas. It was December, plus my partner plus I were scrubbing plus getting ready for a huge Christmas party at our home. When Jessica plus I scrub together, both of us prefer to scrub room by room, making sure that everything is done properly. All of us had left was the kitchen plus our bedroom. Because our bedroom is so small, I told my wife that I could handle the bedroom all by myself if she would just do the bedroom. As I started to scrub, I noticed that the room was a little freezing. Every one of us don’t have a heater in our home, so both of us use space gas furnaces to keep warm in the Wintertide. There were more than two gas furnaces in the family room plus only one in the bedroom, so I determined to grab one of the furnaces from the family room plus set it closer to me so I wouldn’t be freezing while scrubbing. I thought I had finished the bedroom. However, I realized that the TV stand was absolutely dusty. I grabbed the TV plus set it on the floor plus began scrubbing the stand. I was almost completed the job when I smelled something stinky. It smelled similar to melting plastic. I swiftly quit what I was doing plus looked around the room to learn where the stink was coming from. I noticed it was coming from the TV. I had placed the TV on the floor too close to the heater, plus the furnace was melting the backside of the TV. I was such an idiot to place the TV there, and now it is ugly. I have received my lesson, plus now our space gas furnaces sit in the corners of the rooms away from anything they could possibly destroy.

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The air quality in the RV

You have got to be ridiculous to live in a RV 24/7! That’s just what our family and I are: ridiculous. All of us appreciate to travel the U.S. and learn of new locales. All of us have driven to every state in the U.S., and every one of us are now working on driving a second occasion through each state. However, in each state, every one of us stay many weeks! During this time, every one of us visit locations and visit friends. Living in a RV with many children isn’t easy, but it is worth the hassle. All of us have no rent, and every one of us save a ton of money by living a very simple lifestyle. My partner does all of her toil from the camper, and I have a part time task that I am able to do from the camper as well. However, with driving a lot, especially through the summertime, every one of us have discovered that our dehumidifier is our best device. Our RV gets so moist and sticky that it feels as though every one of us are living in a shower room. Before every one of us purchased our dehumidifier, it got so moist that the wallpaper in our study room and bathroom began to come off. Our A/C works wonderfully, but it just doesn’t get rid of the moisty humid feeling in our RV. Another issue was that our clothes constantly had a wet feeling to them because the rooms were so moist. I am very thankful our partner determined to purchase a dehumidifier. It has made our lives much more wonderful. I can finally take a dress from our closet and not feel as though I am wearing a damp towel!

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No heating at the zoo

Outdoor activities can be a good way to get away from electronic distractions, and for me, I love taking any opening I can to get outside and soak in nature’s beauty. My youngsters may not share the same level of enthusiasm, although I think they still get that a nice afternoon outside can be great. Recently, I decided I was going to take my kids to the zoo for the first time, It seemed to be a pretty good idea at the time! It was the Winter, so it was a little brisk outside, however not so freezing that the we couldn’t take being outside!  when we arrived at the zoo I noticed that there were not the usual amount of cars in the parking lot. I figured it was a good thing and I’d finally be able to teach my kids about enjoying nature and the great outdoors! When we walked a ways past the ticket office, We noticed that some of the exhibits had some form of heating such as space heaters to keep us warm while we enjoyed them. it seems it was shaping up to be a lovely afternoon – until we arrived at the first exhibit. This first exhibit was for various birds, however there didn’t appear to be any in the enclosure.  the same could be said for the next exhibit, where monkeys were kept. Turns out many of the animals were inside enclosed spaces where we couldn’t see them, as they were trying to keeping warm. It made sense to me, although I couldn’t help being frustrated about the lack of wildlife. My youngsters still enjoyed the outside, even if for all intents and purposes we were walking around an empty zoo.

Bakery issues with a/c

In the many years I’ve worked as a baker, I’ve dealt with some situations that could’ve suddenly fallen apart. My coworkers and I have labored hard on a wedding cake, only to nearly drop it on the way into the reception hall, and i myself have created entire sheets of cookies with nuts, only to realize the client who ordered them clearly requested a selection of nut-free sweets. While many of those situations could’ve been avoided by simply exercising caution, no amount of situational awareness could’ve prepared me for the morning when the store’s cooling system broke down! I arrived early that morning, and I walked in just in time to hear the a/c shut down and not turn back on. When I fiddled with the thermostat I couldn’t get the air conditioning system running again. I knew my bakery was in serious trouble! To make things worse, we had desserts on display all around the store that would almost certainly melt or fall apart in these warmer temperatures! I quickly dialed a local HVAC service guy, requesting his immediate assistance in getting our store’s air conditioning system fixed. He said he would arrive soon, so then I called my coworkers and told them to bring any portable fans they had at home to work with them. When they arrived, I set up the fans in a line running from the walk-in freezer out towards the store. I could only push the freezer’s frigid air out for so long before risking the goods in the freezer spoiling, so I did this in intervals while praying the HVAC service worker would suddenly appear to fix the problem. Thankfully, the worker arrived right as we set up shop for the morning’s business, and he was able to address the problem and service the unit within an hour. I was so grateful for his swift intervention that I gave him a batch of cookies before he left! As he left though, I realized I gave him a batch of almond peanut-butter cookies…hopefully he’s not allergic!

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Happy with our smart thermostat

I was so angry the other day when I found the thermostat smashed to pieces on the floor! When I called my sons to ask them what happened to the thermostat, they were nervous. They both blamed each other for it! My oldest son said his little brother is the one who threw the baseball at the thermostat and it just shattered to pieces. My youngest son said that his big brother was the one who wanted to play catch inside! When the thermostat shattered, it started to get really hot inside the house because the air conditioner was no longer working. I knew there was something wrong as soon as I walked in the door. It was really hot inside and that’s when I found the broken thermostat! I asked them why they didn’t call me, I could have contacted an HVAC company to fix the system! My oldest son said he couldn’t find the number to my workplace. There were a bunch of emergency numbers on the fridge, but he wasn’t sure which one was my workplace. I grounded the two of them for a month with additional chores to take care of. I thought that was fair enough. They should have used better judgement than to throw a baseball inside the living room! They were lucky the damage wasn’t worse than it was. I took that opportunity to upgrade to a smart thermostat. I had heard good things about them, but I didn’t have a reason to do it until mine was broken. So in a way, I was glad the boys broke the old thermostat, because I absolutely love the smart thermostat!

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Money for the HVAC unit

Recently, my aunt wanted to go on a trip to the West. She would be gone for a month, but was worried because she couldn’t afford to get her HVAC maintenance done. She actually has a nice 2nd home with a heating and cooling system as well. It was going to be a bit cold on certain nights and she didn’t want her plants to be ruined from frost. She kept her thermostat control set at a reasonable level. She had a smart thermostat control unit, so she was able to monitor the HVAC system temperature while she was gone, but she asked me to watch her place in case of emergencies. She actually had received many notifications that she needed HVAC maintenance that she had to ignore. That is what made her so worried. Sure enough, when she was away, her heating and cooling system in the 2nd house did malfunction. She was quick to call for HVAC repair while she was away. She was just going to have to dig into her savings to cover the cost. The local HVAC technician came and took care of the system. He was impressed with the garden in this place and loved the set up inside the house. When the repair was all taken care of, my aunt was so relieved that I was there to take care of things. When she made it back home, she offered me a nice sum of money for my work. I had to refuse her kind offer of money, but she insisted that I take it. I told her I would take half of what she offered, because I knew she needed it. I was just glad she had a good time on her trip!

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