Low cooling mode when I am gone

This summer I have decided to visit my parents for a few months! I live in the south and they live in the north. I will admit, I think the south is way better all around. However one thing the north might have better is the summer temperatures. The southern summers are often just too darn hot.  However even with the A/C going, the humidity and intense sunlight gets to be too much. In the south going outside is often rough and I spend the whole time trying to not get a sunburn. That is why I think spending the summer in the north with my parents will be nice. In the north, you almost don’t need A/C. It gets hot, warm enough for a tan, however not enough to get a severe burn. A swimming pool is not even required, and you actually can have people over and relax outside in complete comfort. The only thing I am worried about though is leaving my apartment unoccupied. I don’t want to run my air conditioner full blast while I am not there. I feel it would be a waste of electricity and could hurt my A/C system. I would not be there to provide any maintenance such as changing the air filter and washing out the condensation drain. However, on the other had not having A/C running  in my locale would allow the humidity to rise. Then I could be dealing with mold when I get home. So what do I do about this situation? I am hoping my cooling system can be set on a low cooling mode, maybe it would not hurt the A/C that much and keep the mold from forming. Also doing a little bit of A/C would not be too awful in terms of bills.

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