HVAC in our bar

If there is one thing I love, it’s jazz music. There is a jazz club down the street from me that I visit almost daily. Not only are the musicians and singers always wonderful, but the sound system compliments them all in the best ways. You automatically feel a bit classier just by walking through the door. The guitars and brass instruments blend together with their sound dancing off the walls. Beautiful singers serenade with their perfect notes floating over the crowd. There’s no other music like it. I just wish it was a non-smoking venue. The smoke from other people really messes up the air quality, and there are no windows to be opened to let the smoke out. This also causes a lot of heat buildup thanks to the warmth that emanates from the electrical equipment and lighting. I think they need a full HVAC replacement, but their AC in particular needs to be completely updated. Even when it’s freezing outside, it’s uncomfortably warm in there. I know for a fact that any standard form of HVAC equipment that one would install in their own home would work just fine in that club. It would also be nice if they could get some sort of air purifier to help with the smoke. Either way, I refuse to stop going to this club. If I don’t have jazz in my life, I’m not living. That’s my take on it, even if the air is too stuffy.

air quality