Can’t fix our heating component

I have a hedgehog named Sonic and a bearded dragon name Billy and they need the apartment to stay sizzling or they could actually die. I was residing in the Midwest, it was 15 degrees outside, and abruptly my heating machine stopped working. It was one of those central heating machines with an a/c too. Anyways, I was certainly glad I was at my home so my pets didn’t freeze to death. I always keep a box of hand-warmers around for serious emergencies but the temperature was dropping so fast that I knew those wouldn’t work well. I put on my heaviest Winter season coat and put both of my pets inside the coat so that my body heat could keep them fairly warm. In the meantime, I was trying to figure out what the problem was with the heater! The electricity was still on in the residence. The temperature control unit was on and had batteries but the heating machine just would not kick on regardless of the falling temperatures. I called up my supervisor and he came over in roughly 2 hours. By this time, it was nippy inside, but he went right to the electrical box, flipped a bunch of switches, and the heating machine totally roared back to life. I am so grateful this was not a lengthy heating machine repair. My pets rely on the heating system for their lives. Soon, we were just soaking up the heat and back to our common lives sizzling and easily thankful for central heating! What did people do before they had heaters?

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