With no electric-no heating

Winter weather can be quite adverse especially when you live 9,000 feet above sea level… There are mountains as far as our eyes can see and the closest neighbors are 5 miles away. A drive down the mountain for groceries, gas, or dry goods takes our entire day so we consistently worry about the weather especially when the Winter months are getting closer. We have experienced a few incidences when the snow has been abnormally heavy. The power lines have been out for several hours, leaving us with no electricity. That’s the biggest reason my husband and I have multiple heating chances for our little cabin. We have a nice fireplace in the dining room, which nicely heats most of the house. The fireplace has brick around the outside, and it helps retain heat. With the doors left open, the fireplace works enough to keep us all warm. When the power is on and working, we like to use our electric furnace. The electric furnace is in the basement, under the dining room flooring. With both heating systems really working together, our little cabin feels toasty in the worst weather conditions, even when the outside temperatures reach below zero, we are still cozy in our beds. Neither of us have had any problems with bad weather yet this year, but it’s still early in the season. We don’t normally have bad blizzard conditions, until around Christmas time. But we are well prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store this year.

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