Really glad we got a newer thermostat

Angela is fortunate enough to have a work-at-home job.  There are a lot of advantages to that setup. She schedules her own hours, which means she doesn’t need to set an alarm in the morning.  Since dressing professionally isn’t a priority, she wears comfortable sweatpants all day. She listens to jazz and drinks Pepsi all day long, plus she has no coworkers interrupting her.  However, she works pretty long hours and it’s occasionally a challenge to remain very focused. She knows productivity is highly influenced by comfort. Because of this, she’s invested lots of money creating a comfortable workspace.  She bought a comfortable swivel chair, a new desk, plus a really amazing computer setup. She’s also spent a fortune on upgrades to her heating plus cooling system. Since she spends the whole day in a single room, it’s not necessary to heat or cool her whole home to the right temperature.  She added a series of valves and thermostats, and she now has access to zone control. This allows her to set separate temperatures in the various rooms. She saves currency plus lessens the wear on the oil furnace plus air conditioner. She decided to install a wireless thermostat system, so that all of the thermostats communicate with each other and then link to her smartphone.  She doesn’t leave her desk to make changes to temperature, or even fan speed or air quality. It’s extremely convenient plus allows her to conserve energy in addition to trimming utility costs.

digital thermostat