Air purifier for grandparents

    Last night, my Grandma called to tell me that our Grandfather is once again sick with breathing symptoms.  I told her that I would come by later this afternoon with some chicken soup and stay for a while. Before I go by there, I am going to read about the flu symptoms that my Grandfather is suffering from, and try to help with their indoor air quality levels; It seems that while my Grandfather started a fire in the fireplace, he was also spoiling his air quality.

           After more research regarding breathing symptoms and their relationship to Heating plus A/C equipment, I felt I had learned enough to talk to my Grandfather about improving his indoor air quality levels with the addition of an air cleaner.  I want him to have the Heating plus A/C provider add an air cleaner to his new a/c and gas furnace, and for him to completely stop using the fireplace, since it can lead to indoor air quality issues, and it isn’t just an air quality issue. When he is outside cutting wood for the fireplace, he can definitely over-tax himself.

             I’ve always liked sitting by the fireplace, watching the flames frolicking, but I also wonder about repairs on that fireplace.  Does it function properly? Has my Grandfather ever cleaned his fireplace? My research shows that even brief exposure to high concentrations of wood smoke can seriously compromise your indoor air quality levels, to such an extent as to endanger your health. So please, our dear Grandfather, forget the fireplace.

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Losing the heater and a/c device


      Finding enough money for a down payment on a house, in the face of rising rents and stagnant wages can be challenging for young people.. We have finally saved the money for a downpayment and we’ve started condo shopping. Because I work at a local Heating and AC business, I am be able to evaluate the quality of the AC unit that I will find in my new home. As soon as I find the condo that I wish to live in for another 20 years at least, I will have a condo inspection performed so that I know what to expect.

             If the Heating and A/C unit is useless, I may want to use that as leverage to help me negotiate finances for another AC unit.  I’ve seen some Heating and A/C units that need much more than an HVAC tune-up, and if that is the case, I would consider acquiring a Heating and A/C service plan, since my HVAC service business can maintain a new undefined for 20 years, and several of the newer Heating and A/C units can unquestionably last that long, if the needed servicing is supplied

            Of course, I would only be concerned with major Heating and A/C issues, since I can do the Heating and A/C service myself.  If the central air and heating unit is workable, I will slowly swap out Heating and A/C parts and equipment, as needed. However, I most certainly want to have as smart a condo as possible, so I will change out the undefined control unit instantly.

HVAC plan

Small amount of cash for a/c

Every summertime, my dad always complains about the air conditioning equipment in the property. They have been using the same air conditioning equipment, for the past numerous years. It’s a single one of those window air conditioning systems that only cools the air. It has a temperature control dial and a fan speed dial. It has trouble working half of the time, and it sounds like a train ramming through the property. My dad truly believes that this air conditioning equipment is going to outlast him, and I’m afraid of that! The vents on the air conditioning equipment are totally caked in dirt and mold. Even though they change the interior filter pretty much every summertime, it’s still totally gross inside… When my brother visited with them last week, he said he would be more than happy to buy them a new air conditioning system. My dad was actually scornful and thought that my brother was trying to provide them with charity. We are honestly just upset about their health and breathing. Since they have grown older, they both require inhalers and other breathing equipment. I’d be happy to see them with a new air conditioning system, so they can get over these breathing problems. I would adore to see them with an air conditioning system that happens to include an air purifier. I easily believe that would help with their health related challenges. My brother and I could buy the air conditioning equipment for them with no problem. I simply wish they would just stop being so uncompromising. We’ve been considering showing up to their doorstep, with a new A/C component in hand. If they didn’t have any other option, maybe they would not provide us a hard time.

The heater still turns on

When my friends plus I were camping in the mountains, we became lost for numerous days. It was incredibly chilly outside, plus most of the time we were all just shivering. All of us were traveling together, which is probably why we stayed alive. All of us were following a trail on the map, when we started heading the wrong direction. In a matter of a couple of hours, we were lost in the wilderness. All of us had been hiking not too far from our campsite, so we felt we could not be too far the tent. We attempted to use the sunshine to lead in the right direction. The clouds were entirely scattered across the horizon though. We had no choice but to sleep on the ground for multiple evenings, plus we looked for food for multiple afternoons. In time, we stumbled upon an abandoned shack. It did not look like anyone had been there in a really long time, plus the outdated newspapers were able to confirm that. The windows had been broken, however we actually had a shelter for the first time in a long while. We were able to locate an outdated gas heating system in the corner of the room. The gas heating system was especially rusty plus in terrible shape. We noticed a gas bin next to the heater, plus tried to get it to come to life. It took some time, however we eventually got the gas furnace to crank out some heat. We basically slept there for numerous days, before we were able to recover enough to formulate a plan. Eventually, we ran out of gas for the heater. We had no choice but to leave plus walked multiple miles before we found help. We found out that we had stumbled into an entirely vacant area of the national park.  

furnace system

Heater component lit on fire

Quite a few years ago, my wife and I had a sizable fire in the dining room of our property. We were having all sorts of troubles with our gas furnace, so we bought a small space oil furnace for the dining room. The addition of the space oil furnace helped a lot with the indoor atmosphere. We typically use the space oil furnace in the morning, when we are preparing for work. We use the space oil furnace at night as well, when we are relaxing with the news. One certain evening, my wife and I actually forgot to turn off the space oil furnace before heading off to bed. Our dog Fluffer, must have knocked over the oil furnace in the night. When the space oil furnace was laying on the carpet, some of the embers started to burn. Luckily, the bedroom is right off the dining room. When the carpet started to burn, I woke up to a funny burnt plastic smell… At first, I thought I was just dreaming. When I got up to use the bathroom, the smell was even more terrible! I woke up my wife right away, and told her that I smelled fire. As soon as we walked into the dining room, we seen the flames on the carpet. My wife quickly ran into the kitchen, to grab the fire extinguisher from under the sink. The space oil furnace had already melted to the carpet by this point. We had to replace the carpet in our dining room completely. We also decided to never risk using an area oil furnace again. The next afternoon, we contacted the local Heating, Ventilation plus A/C supplier and had them come over and service the troubles with our gas furnace.

HVAC program

A huge heating and air sale

There are a few different HVAC providers in our neck of the woods. They normally have the same prices, so there is not a whole lot of competition for business. Each company has their own speciality. For instance, we have an HVAC provider right down the street, however they only specialize in commercial HVAC equipment. Another local HVAC provider only deals with repairs, but if you need new equipment installed, they refer you to another HVAC company. A few weeks ago, my wife and I started seeing advertisements for a huge sale. One of the local HVAC retailers was going out of business. They were having an enormous liquidation sale, and everything was for sale. They were selling all of the cooling equipment, oil furnaces, and even the repair trucks… My best buddy and I were looking for cooling equipment to put in our fishing shack. The two of us often go to the lake in the warm season. The two of us spend the afternoons fishing for trout, bass, and perch. Over the last few summer seasons, the weather has been basically getting warmer and warmer. The two of us made the decision to begin looking for cooling equipment to install inside of the shack. When the local company had their going out of business sale, we hoped to get really lucky and find something very cheap. Sure enough, we discovered many air conditioning units to choose from. Most items were 50% off, so we ended up getting the cooling equipment for an amazing price. I cannot wait to see how well it works. The next time we go fishing, we are going to install the new A/C equipment. That will make our visits even more exciting and relaxing.

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Wet hair and A/C

I have spent almost my entire life in the south. TEchnically, I was born in the northeast, but I moved when I was so young that I don’t remember much about living up north. Because I have spent so much time in the south, I know a thing or two about staying cool in the summer. The summers here can be brutal, and sometimes the a/c can only work so hard. Sometimes the a/c just cannot get the house cool enough. Sometimes, we are forced to set the thermostat to a higher temperature than we would prefer because we just can’t afford to run the a/c all day and night. The utility bills can be enormous in the heat of August. One of my favorite ways to stay cool in the summer is to take a cool shower. Not a hot shower, a cool shower. Then, I don’t dry off. I just throw on a little summer dress or something and I sit under the ceiling fan or near the a/c air vent and let the air movement dry me off. I leave my hair dripping wet, too. The a/c air vent and the ceiling fan will sometimes actually make you feel cold if you are sitting there with wet hair. My late aunt did not even have air conditioning in her house. This was a long time ago, when I was just a kid, but even still, that was unusual. She just used box fans. She did not even have ceiling fans. When she passed away, her kids installed central air conditioning in her house and sold it. They could not have sold the house without installing a/c.  

Should I get A Smart thermostat

Does it really make sense to get a smart thermostat? I know that smart thermostats are becoming all the rage nowadays, but what can a smart thermostat do that can’t be done with my good ol’ thermostat that I have now. True, smart thermostats are not terribly expensive, so upgrading the thermostat can easily be done, but still, even spending a couple hundred dollars on a thermostat is a waste if you don’t really need it. I mean, all thermostats let you adjust the setting for your HVAC. That’s what thermostats are, after all! The thermostat I currently have is digital and programmable. I can set my thermostat to be a certain temperature in the evening when I get home. I can program my thermostat to use less energy when I am not at home. I have the thermostat set, now, to turn the temperature up to 78 at 8:30 a.m. so I am not wasting energy with no one at home. So, what exactly makes a smart thermostat so smart?   Smart thermostats can do all that I do now, plus a bit more. The smart thermostats are actually capable of learning from what I do in the past. It is similar to the navigation map on my phone. At 8:30 each morning, if I hit the navigate button on my phone, it tells me about traffic conditions between my home and office. Well, a smart thermostat can adjust according to my habits as well. Also, it can be accessed remotely through an app. I am not yet convinced, but I may get a smart thermostat someday.

temperature control

Stinky window cooling unit

My wife and I live in a mild weather climate, where the summers and winters are reasonable mild. We have never needed to use a furnace or air conditioner, until just recently. The summer months have gotten much warmer over the last few years. To combat the excessive heat, we decided to buy a small window cooling unit for the living room. The cooling unit works rather well, and cools off our entire place in a few hours. We only use the cooling unit when the days are above ninety degrees. This keeps our electric bills low, and we don’t rely on the cooling unit too much. Last weekend, we were sitting in the kitchen enjoying a ham sandwich, dill pickle chips, and a Pepsi. All of a sudden, we started smelling a foul odor coming from the living room. My wife got up from the table, to investigate the strange odor. She sniffed all around the living room, until she determined the smell was coming from our cooling unit. The horrible odor smells exactly like dog feces. We don’t own any dogs, so we were both flabbergasted. We turned the cooling unit off, and could still smell the odor lingering in the air. My wife went outside the house to check the area near our window cooling unit. The neighbor’s rottweiler had gotten out and defacted right under the cooling unit. It was a massive pile, and it smelled terrible. The cooling unit was pulling that smell into our home. I had a talk with the neighbors about their dog, and cleaned up the horrible mess.

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Window A/C unit crashes

My sister recently divorced from her husband, and she has been having a hard time. She has two little girls, who are ages 4 and 7. They are my only nieces. When my sister was struggling to make end meet, my wife and I offered her to move in with us. She hesitated at first, but eventually agreed. My wife and I have a very large house, with more than enough room to accommodate my sister and the kids. My wife decided to fix up the area above our garage. We had been using the area as storage, but it plenty large enough for a fine apartment. We started fixing up the garage, a few weeks before my sister arrived. We painted the walls, and added carpet to the flooring. We installed a stove, a refrigerator, and a kitchen sink. We hired a contractor to install a bathroom. Since we live in a moderate climate, we decided that a window HVAC unit would work well. Since the apartment was only about 500 square feet, the small HVAC unit would be perfect. A few days before my sister came, we went to the hardware store to purchase the HVAC unit. We got one with the capability to heat and cool the area. My wife lugged the heavy box all the way up the stairs to the garage loft. It took about two hours to complete the installation. Afterwards, we went in the house for lunch. While we were eating at the table, we heard a loud crash. We walked outside, and found the HVAC unit had fallen on the hood of our brand new car.

a/c repair