Issues with our cooling equipment

When our child wanted to try out for school basketball, I was easily happy to see him interested. We had been trying to get him to play little league for a few years, but he never seemed entirely  interested in athletic activities; When he was in the third grade, he came to us as well as said he was going to try out for the junior-hoops team. My husband and I waited patiently the next afternoon. When Robert came home from school, he was ecstatic and couldn’t stop talking: he made the team. My husband as well as I have attended every junior-hoops game this season. He and I could not be more proud of Roberts’s accomplishments. He scores a few points in each game, as well as assists his teammates! Their team was 8-0, until last Wednesday’s game, then our youngsters were up by numerous points, when the a/c started making weird sounds! Even over the announcer, everyone could hear the failing a/c system, however after half-time, the temperature inside the building was 87 degrees. The janitor tried to repair the a/c problem, but it just got hotter and then hotter. Even though our team was winning, the game had to be ended early. Without the cool a/c, numerous of the youngsters were feeling heat effects.  Our team had to forfeit the game, which ended up being the first loss of their season! I felt bad for the youngsters, but most of them were ready to go home though and sit in front of the a/c vents; Robert passed out early, before getting to eat his supper.

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