HVAC that I am renting

For as long as I can recall, my partner and I have been saving up for a house. Honestly, we didn’t even have a wedding; instead, we wanted to save our money for this dream house that we both had in mind. As each year passes, we realized it was pretty far off, but we still held on to this plan of creating our dream home. Of course we knew that we couldn’t build it from the ground up. But we are thinking about buying a fixer upper which is almost the same! He was totally on board, then, when we found a great house in a beautiful area. It needed a lot of work, honestly. It really had nothing. And even worse, everything needed to be fixed. It had no heating and cooling system just as the worst summer heat was starting to hit. I couldn’t imagine residing there without any sort of cooling unit. Well, we’d been discussing with friends our woes over our lack of an HVAC unit when someone suggested we might rent an HVAC unit. Wait, what did they say? I honestly had no clue that it was an option to rent an air conditioner. This was a lovely plan! As my husband and I were not totally sure which kind of HVAC system we would want in our house yet, this would buy us the time we needed to figure it out. Overall, we were testing out not only and A/C unit but also an HVAC provider! It was the perfect balance for us! It certainly was the best gift for us at the time. I really can’t imagine ever getting through that summer without the cooling unit. It was sizzling hot for several months. Even beach life has certain downsides!

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