HVAC service plan due to hot guy

I was never very meticulous about the preventative maintenance for my oil furnace or air conditioner.  I was well aware of all of the benefits of regular seasonal upkeep, but never managed to get around to it.  I was unenthusiastic with the idea of spending my day off waiting around for an HVAC service to show up, and thenI  didn’t want to babysit him for several hours. I took offense to spending my hard earned money on the heating and cooling equipment, when it seemed to be performing just fine.  For years, I didn’t attend to the upkeep of the oil furnace and air conditioner, when it eventually caught up with me. During the middle of a abnormally frigid winter, the oil furnace just quit working.  With temperatures in the low and mid thirties, there was no way I could get around not having a working heating system. I did a some looking online, found a nearby HVAC dealer, so I set up an appointment for a service visit.  The certified HVAC technician who arrived at my door was tall, young and much too handsome. I truly enjoyed having my oil furnace repaired for the first time. To my dismay, the service repair was completed much too soon. When it was advocated by the technician that I enroll in a maintenance service program with his corporation, I was more than willing.  I made sure that he would be the only one single handedly handling my seasonal appointments. My handsome HVAC technician now shows up on my doorstep bi-annually. In the cool of the fall, he takes care of all the necessary cleaning plus tuning of the oil furnace. I offer him a Pepsi and freshly baked apple pie for his efforts. He comes back in the spring to complete the troubleshooting of the air conditioner. I then make him homemade cherry pie and give him a refreshing beverage.  

HVAC tech