Can’t get by without a radiant heater

My sister, Mary, makes way more cash than I do, plus has a much nicer house.  Not only is her home far bigger than mine, it is totally modern. She has a huge property, surrounded by forests, plus enjoys an excellent location plus spectacular view.  Mary has a swimming pool in her backyard, a huge deck across the back of her house, and a balcony off the master bedroom. Her kitchen is equipped with new stainless steel appliances, beautiful cupboards plus even granite countertops.  She has a jacuzzi tub in the lavatory plus a large screen TV in the family room. I am really envious of the radiant flooring installed throughout. Mary has a condensing boiler method in the basement and that sends heated water through zig-zagging pipes that run under the floors.  These pipes transfer all the heat evenly from wall to wall. There aren’t gusts of heat or cold spots in the corners, and there are no drafts. The heating method doesn’t take any living space, doesn’t detract from the overall look, plus makes no noise. Since the heat starts at floor level, where it is the smartest, plus warms the surfaces as it rises, Mary keeps her temperature control at a low setting.  There is no energy waste from the HVAC duct, plus the method is so energy efficient. I find it really unfair that Mary pays way lower yearly energy bills than I do. Her home is enormous, plus she keeps it warmer and much more comfortable than mine. I try to spend lots of time there. I love walking without shoes across her radiant floors in the Winter.

radiant heating