Air purifier for grandparents

    Last night, my Grandma called to tell me that our Grandfather is once again sick with breathing symptoms.  I told her that I would come by later this afternoon with some chicken soup and stay for a while. Before I go by there, I am going to read about the flu symptoms that my Grandfather is suffering from, and try to help with their indoor air quality levels; It seems that while my Grandfather started a fire in the fireplace, he was also spoiling his air quality.

           After more research regarding breathing symptoms and their relationship to Heating plus A/C equipment, I felt I had learned enough to talk to my Grandfather about improving his indoor air quality levels with the addition of an air cleaner.  I want him to have the Heating plus A/C provider add an air cleaner to his new a/c and gas furnace, and for him to completely stop using the fireplace, since it can lead to indoor air quality issues, and it isn’t just an air quality issue. When he is outside cutting wood for the fireplace, he can definitely over-tax himself.

             I’ve always liked sitting by the fireplace, watching the flames frolicking, but I also wonder about repairs on that fireplace.  Does it function properly? Has my Grandfather ever cleaned his fireplace? My research shows that even brief exposure to high concentrations of wood smoke can seriously compromise your indoor air quality levels, to such an extent as to endanger your health. So please, our dear Grandfather, forget the fireplace.

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