AC on for my lady conditions

Honestly, I’ve never been someone who worries too much about getting older! I have had a genuinely long and trying life, so I absolutely enjoy every year that I age! This year, however, I found a piece of aging that I’m confident I am going to absolutely despise with a passion, and it is menopause. I don’t really believe that anyone talks much about the truth in the hell of menopause. I don’t quite know, though, if they are simply embarrassed or just don’t want to share their misery with others. Seriously, I never knew my body temperature could even go so crazy. Never before was I as sensitive to heat or cooling changes. Now if I don’t have some type of air conditioner, I am not going to survive a single moment of my day. I can’t sleep at night at all unless the temperatures in the bedroom are virtually arctic. I have to have the cooling system blasting all night. In fact, it got so awful at this one point that I bought a window box cooling system for our bedroom and the living room. Then I could lock myself into a single room to stay comfortable, rather than air condition our entire condo and waste a ridiculous amount of money constantly. Frankly, my utility bill has been the worst it has ever been in all of the years of paying my own utility bills. I even have an air conditioner fund, so I can monitor our usage and track costs. Honestly, I just want to get through this crazy thing called menopause, so our bank account can get a break! I am also rather weary of paying out so much money just for air conditioning!

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