Wine Enthusiast Really Needs Good A/C

Do you like wine? I must say that I like wine a little, but often I find it to be too bitter. My former fiance was a wine enthusiast, and he told me that the reason I did not really care for wine was because I never drank really good wine. He was supposed to teach me all about wines, and I was really looking forward to it. The first time I went to his house, I was so surprised to discover his wine cellar. It was absolutely beautiful, and the thermostat was set to a very specific temperature. Winter or summer, he kept the thermostat set the same. Apparently, if wine does not stay in the perfect air conditioned temperature, it loses its flavor and turns to vinegar. It makes me wonder how wine in trucks without a/c in the back even tastes good at all. Anyway, he told me he has two separate cooling units at his house. One HVAC unit for the wine cellar and another HVAC unit for the living space. He even has a backup generator for the a/c in the wine cellar, but he does not have one for the a/c upstairs where people actually do their living! It seems to me as if he treats the wine better than the guests who come to drink it, but not really. If you are going to be a wine enthusiast, you need good a/c. UNfortunately, he died before we could get married and I wasn’t able to learn much about wine or a/c. I miss my wine enthusiast and his great a/c!

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