Smart Homes

Have you ever heard of a smart home? I hadn’t until about month ago when my sister took me to her friends new home.  He is a dentist and owns his own practice, so naturally he is a pretty wealthy man. Anyways, we walk in the front door and everything is electronic.  His light switches weren’t switches anymore, they were on a small touch screen that you slide your finger up and down to dim or brighten the lights. Literally everything else he needed to manipulate was on a large tablet.  He had his pool and hot tub temperature settings, his indoor fans, his fireplace, is TV and stereo, and he even had his HVAC settings on there! He had a small map of his entire house with the temperature of each room. He could manipulate the temperatures for each room via an electronic thermostat, it was pretty cool.  He also could turn on the heating and cooling separately for each room. He could be heating one room up while cooling down another. This was the most advanced zone control that I had ever seen. Apparently this is new technology and not many people have had it installed yet. But, I definitely wouldn’t mind having my HVAC as well as other appliances all in one hand.  Just being able to change the thermostat in each room, without being in that same room would be cool. One day, when the technology is more widely used I will definitely be investing in something like that! Smart HVAC unit technology, here I come!

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