Regret giving my mom a smart thermostat

I totally regret giving my mother smart thermostat for her birthday. I thought, at the time, that it was an awesome gift. She had been using her old dial thermostat for over twenty years. My mother upgraded the HVAC equipment to be more modern, the thermostat was the last thing to change. On paper the smart thermostat sounds so handy and easy to use. You download the app and run the heating or cooling from your phone, ipad, or computer. The smart thermostat learns yoru weekly HVAC needs and then automatically does it. In addition to this, the thermostat scans and turns off when you are not home. It also can alert you on dirty air quality, a broken fan, or even when an air filter change is needed. I got the best of the best in temperature control for my mom. I am regretting a purchase because the smart HVAC technology is beyond her technological knowledge. My mother does not even understand what an app is and how to use it. I have gone over and over to her house to show her how to use the thermostat. Everytime I check her climate control program, I see that it is turned off. The thermostat never gets to learn since she turns it off all the time. My mother also freaks out when the thermostat alerts her on air filter changes. She wants that off too. Basically my mother wants her old thermostat back. So glad I spent all that money and spent all that time teaching her. Should have gotten a digital thermostat.