More excited by the hydronic heater than the baby

I am so out of the loop with women my age. Most women my age are married and have at least one child. I am single and I don’t even have a dog. I still rent an apartment, have purple hair and I drive a Harley rather than a huge minivan. Needless to say, my old highschool friends and I have trouble connecting on things in life. Last weekend my buddy Pam wanted me to visit her new baby. Pam wanted to fawn all over her new son that was basically just a pile of goo. I did not do a very good job of doing this. The reason is that I was so caught up by Pam’s heating system. I walked into her house and immediately felt my feet being heated. Pam has heated floors in her home. How it works is that her boiler system has a bunch of pipes connected to it. The pipes are under the floors and filled with water warmed by the boiler. The warm pipes create hydronic heating. This type of heating is silent and not as messy. My buddy Pam also told me that it is twice as efficient since you don’t need to set the thermostat as high. No heat rises, radiant heat warms all objects that touch it and you feel warmer when your feet are. How neat is that? I only wanted to talk about the hydronic heater and get more details. I want to get it for my home. Pam was upset because she really only cared about her baby at this point. The heated floors are way more impressive to me.

heater set up