HVAC employee is rude

When I arrived home to meet the HVAC contractor for our HVAC checkup, I was anticipating a normal appointment. We always have the same HVAC service tech do our HVAC checkup. His name is Charlie, and he is always polite and respectful. I was expecting to see Charlie when I pulled up because the HVAC van was already there. Instead, I saw another gentleman who was definitely not Charlie. He seemed rather annoyed and immediately asked if we could get started already. I was quite taken aback, but I replied that of course we could. He had already gone and looked over our A/C unit outside and needed to come inside to replace the air filters and check the ductwork. Charlie normally does this carefully to make sure he is not getting mess everywhere. The other gentleman, whose name I never found out, got dust and dirt all over the carpet and never even apologized! After checking everything over, he told me brusquely that our A/C unit was filthy and that we probably needed a full ductwork cleaning and probably an air purification system, as well. Then, he left. I, almost immediately, called the HVAC company to speak to customer service. Charlie had never once indicated those things to us. How could things have changed within just a few months? I spoke to the HVAC company secretary who told me that the HVAC service tech who came to my house is brand new. She apologized for his rudeness and said that she would send Charlie by as soon as possible to give us a second opinion.

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