Hum, Crash, silence?

My husband was sitting in the living room the other day watching one of these programs but all the sudden there was a strange sound. It’s the middle of July so we had the house buttoned-up and the air conditioner running but all of a sudden there was a loud humming noise coming from the vents. There was always a soft sound that came as the cool dare enter the room but this was more of a vibration home and he became concerned about the HVAC system. We could just had it serviced not too long ago at the beginning of summer so he couldn’t imagine what might be going on. ¬†As he was getting up to investigate there was a loud crash they came from the direction all the unit inside. Apparently our son had piled a bunch of boxes next to the unit and they had fallen on top of it because they were stacked too high. The boxes contained all of this college books and some other heavy items and it had dented the top of the unit and damaged some of the wiring in the back. So the home must have been the battle of the boxes against the unit and the crash was them falling on it. Unfortunately the sound that followed after that was complete silence because the exterior of the unit was no damage and because the wires had been also the system shut off. My husband was Furious because we now had to pay an HVAC company to come out and repair being unit before we could use it again. Seeing as it was the middle of July companies for very busy with maintenance and we had to wait two days to get it fixed.

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