Home Inspectors love finding problems

My boyfriend is getting ready to sell his house. He only had it listed for a day but the first showing was his last. The first couple he showed the house to immediately put it under contract. He was thrilled! The potential buyers set up a home inspection for the following week. The inspector came thirty minutes before the appointment time. He began with the outside. Of course he found some roof damage. We were not really surprised since our area was pummeled by two major hurricanes in the last two years. We figured there was some cosmetic damage to the roof but we were not seeing any affects inside the house. Once the inspector was inside, he found some water damage in the garage but it was minor. He also found a foundation crack in the master bedroom closet. That is a bit nit-picky. Nobody would ever notice that minor crack! First of all, it was under the carpet. Second of all, it was in the back corner of the closet. The inspector also found a pretty major issue with the water heater. It is over 15 years old. There is some rust on the bottom and the valve knob is completely rusted through. We have not noticed any issues with the temperature of the hot water or the length of time it takes to run out, but the heater does look like it is nearing expiration. He also found a problem with the HVAC system. He had one of those laser thermometers. It showed that the temperature on the thermostat and the actual temperature of the room were off by a good five degrees! That can mean the difference between a sweaty day and a cold day inside, depending on the time of year.  It looks like we have some work to do before the closing.

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