Finally upgrading from a portable air conditioner to a central cooling system

     For quite a few years, I managed my summer comfort with a bunch of box fans and a portable air conditioner installed in my bedroom window.  Ever spring, I needed to carry the portable air conditioner down from the attic. Since the attic stairs are extremely narrow and steep, and the air conditioner is rather bulky and heavy, this was a challenge.  I usually ended up placing the air conditioner on a towel, sliding it across the floor, and trying to gently ease it down the stairs. Lifting it into the window usually resulted in me pulling a muscle in my back.

              Once the air conditioner was in place, it worked fairly well at keeping my bedroom nice and cool.  However, I never liked giving up the view from the window, and because the window needed to be wide open, I worried about security risks.  Two years ago, while trying to haul the air conditioner down the stairs, I lost control if it and the thing smashed into a million pieces. Instead of buying another portable air conditioner, I decided to spend way more money on central cooling.  Since I already had a forced air furnace in place, the heating and cooling units are able to share certain components. This helped with the cost and mess of installation.

              Now that the central air conditioner is installed, I’m not sure how I ever managed without it.  I absolutely love adjusting the thermostat to the ideal temperature on a hot and humid summer day.  My whole house remains refreshing and comfortable. None of the rooms are overheated or unusable, and I certainly sleep better at night.  

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