Cleaning the Ductwork

When I first moved into my townhouse, I was so excited to have a washer and dryer again. When I lived in my former apartment, the washer broke down and the little cubby it was located in inside the apartment’s kitchen was so small that the repairman could not repair it. So, I did my first load of laundry, and guess what? It took forever for my clothes to dry. The dryer was on for hours, and the clothes were not dry. I called in an appliance repairman, but he said my dryer was fine and suggested I might need to get my dryer vent and ductwork cleaned. I have never cleaned my ductwork in my life, so I wasn’t even sure what to think. I called the landlord and asked him about cleaning the ductwork and dryer vents. He said that the previous tenants told him the ductwork was fine, but he called in an HVAC specialist to inspect the ductwork and dryer vents. Sure enough, the HVAC repair technician said the dryer vent and ductwork did look quite clogged and dirty. I go the ductwork cleaned out, and the dryer worked properly again. My friend met the HVAC at my place because I was working, and he told me that it looked like a hundred pounds of lint came out of the ductwork when the HVAC guy did the cleaning! He said it is quite common with townhouses to need more frequent duct cleaning because the ductwork often has more twists and turns in it, and therefore the lint and dust gets trapped.  

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