Choosing a ductless heat pump for workspace in the garage

I like to refinish antique wooden furniture.  I shop garage sales, antique stores and flea markets, looking for hardwood furniture that needs some work.  Many times, these pieces are beautifully crafted and made of gorgeous wood, but are hidden beneath multiple layers of ugly paint.  I devote a great deal of time to stripping the paint, sanding and varnishing, in order to restore the furniture to its original appearance.  Because of the fumes from the paint stripper, I need plenty of ventilation while I’m working. The sanding then creates a tremendous amount of dust which causes issues with air quality.  When it’s time to varnish, I need the workspace to be totally clean and maintained at the ideal temperature. The varnish also causes severe smells and requires sufficient ventilation. I live in an area with hot and humid summer seasons and freezing cold winter months.  There is rarely a time when I can work on my projects outside. I have created a workspace in my garage, which allows me to open the bay doors during moderate weather. However, to handle temperature control during the majority of the year, I had to find a compact, inexpensive method of heating and cooling.  After quite a bit of research, I decided on a ductless heat pump. There is a small, lightweight indoor air handler mounted on the wall which links to an outdoor compressor. The system takes up very little space, operates quietly, and was installed without any huge teardown or mess. It switches between heating and cooling with the touch of a button, and lets me program operation through my smartphone.  I can start up the heat pump a half an hour before I head to the garage and know that my workspace will be the perfect temperature. Since it is wonderfully energy efficient, the heat pump doesn’t cost much to run. Plus, it provides effective filtration to combat the dust and fumes and maintain a cleaner and healthier work environment.

ductless mini split