Too hot for winter

I decided to move to the tropical climate, when I was twenty years old. I grew up in a small farming community, about fifty miles south of the arctic circle. The cold winter temperatures were unbearable, and I left as soon as I could. I was accepted to a small junior college, right outside of the magic kingdom. It was a world away from my original life, and I knew it would be an adventure. I arrived during the middle of winter, and I was abruptly surprised by the mild weather. I expected chilly weather, though I knew there would be no ice or snow. What I didn’t expect, was to find temperatures in the seventies. It was the middle of December, but the thermometer was reading 77 degrees that day. It was too hot to be the middle of winter. When I got to the dorms, I had to turn off the heating system. I was already feeling the scorching weather, and the heating system was not necessary. My new roommate walked in wearing a ski parka and a scarf. I almost laughed out loud. He started complaining about the heating system, and I knew we were gonna have problems. I tried to explain why the heating system was shut off, but he got angry very quickly. In a few minutes, he was storming down the hallway complaining about the heating system. ┬áThe RA appeared fifteen minutes later, and offered to solve the problem by moving our rooms. I agreed to the solution, and the two of us parted ways.

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