Terrible cooling unit in the gym

My boyfriend and I decided to move to a new city. It was closer to his job, and we would save a ton of money on gas and car repairs. The driving distance was the same for me either way, so I agreed to the change in address. When we made the transfer to a new city, we also had to find a new fitness center. My boyfriend and I work out at least four times each week. I am a personal trainer for a rehab center in the city, and he trains to run marathons. We both like to run at least five miles every day. It’s too hot in the summer to run outside, so we looked for a gym with a running track. We found a 24-hour fitness center with a full-sized running track on the upper level. The membership fees were very high, but the air conditioned track was worth of every penny. My boyfriend and I loved running around the track while still feeling the cool breeze from the air conditioner. The whole gym was great, and each level had its own theme. Every level had a great HVAC unit, because the gym was cool, clean, and smelled fresh. A lot of gyms will smell stale or sweaty, but this gym must have had an advanced cooling and ventilation system. The lower level of the fitness center was an inground, heated pool. The heated pool was the perfect way to relax after running fifteen miles on the track. This gym was worth the high price we were paying for our membership dues.

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