Sports fanatic

When I was in junior high and high school, I played a lot of sports. By the time high school ended, I had played basketball, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, and I also danced. The things I stuck with were field hockey and dancing, which I ended up doing for ten years. I have always been active and very focused. I enjoy feeling good about myself, and I love competition. After college, when I was officially done with sports other than maybe indoor pickup games, I had to find something to keep my interest. I had never been into watching sports, but not being able to play anymore made it the next best thing. I find baseball dreadfully boring. I really enjoy playing basketball, but there are so many games, it makes it feel less special unless it’s the playoffs. With football, I found my match. I did some research, decided on my favorite team, and a few years later, I am now a die hard football fan. Whenever my team is on, I need absolute silence, chips and dip, and my team paraphernalia. Last night, when the game was on, the wind started picking up pretty dramatically. My head was right by the door so I was feeling the cold air push through. I really don’t like being disturbed by even the drop of a crumb when I am watching, so I absentmindedly went over to the thermostat and cranked on the heat to compensate for the cold air. I didn’t pay much attention since it was 4th and goal and I had to see the outcome! Our furnace takes a few minutes to kick in, and I was so invested in the game that I didn’t realize I had been taking off layers of clothing sitting it was so hot. My husband walked in and immediately went over to the thermostat and made an exclamation about the warmth in the room while looking at me questionably. He then peered at the TV and saw that my team was playing and nodded his head in understanding of why I scorched the place and didn’t seem to mind. Regardless of that one incident, we really do have to either fix the windows, or find an energy saving plan for a new HVAC system, because the cold air seeping through is just too chilly!

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