Sister got heated floors for her cats

My sister Penny is a little nuts when it comes to her cats. She has over 10 cats that she lets wander around in her house. It smells like cat pee and old hair in her entire home. The smell is so bad that I don’t like to go over to her place. The only reason she can bait me in to house watch for a weekend is due to her heated floors. I love her radiant flooring system and I want this in my house. The heating system is literally under your feet. Since we are colder in our lower half, this type of heating system makes it so you feel warmer. So the thermostat is set at a lower temperature and the heating system is saving you money. I like that the radiant heater also warms the couches, chairs and rugs as well. It is like always being on a heated seat. I prefer to actually sit on the heated floors and enjoy them for the weekend. The reason for this heating purchase was not for the energy saving or the minimal dust of the device, it was for the cats. Apparently Penny felt so bad for her cats in the Winter. She felt they had to compete to sit in front of the fireplace. The radiant heating system was her solution to the problem. She spend literally thousands of dollars all for her cats. I won’t even spend that on myself. As much as I love her radiant flooring system, it is still too expensive for me.

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