Promotion means new HVAC unit

When my wife and I experienced a recent setback, we got behind on a few of our bills. We were doing our best to pay everything on time. The electricity company was sending us shut off notices, and the mortgage company was calling on the phone every day. When the HVAC unit stopped cooling, we had no way to fix the system. My wife and I crunched every number, but there was no way we could afford a new HVAC unit. Our HVAC unit had already been serviced three times over the last five years, so we knew it was likely due to be replaced. In order to call the HVAC technician, we would have to find two hundred dollars. At that time, that was our grocery money. We went without the cooling system for two months, before we could contact a professional to have it reviewed. The HVAC technician agreed with our prognosis; we needed a new HVAC unit. When I told the technician that we would have to wait, he asked if we wanted to finance the new HVAC unit. He set up a phone call consultation with the owner of the HVAC company. The owner of the company allowed us to make payments on the new system, with our two hundred dollars as the first installment. We were completely shocked by the generosity of the owner, and we never missed a single payment. We paid off the HVAC unit in less than two years. The kindness of that man will stick with me for the rest of my life.

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