Hot flashes

I think my mother has recently started having hot flashes. I know she is only forty-two years old, but I really think she is started to have them. Lately she has been extra cranky and has been walking around the house in shorts and a tank top. I know that doesn’t sound like a crazy outfit, but the temperature outside is in the forties. We live in a very cold climate and most people are bundled up in sweaters and jackets so that they can stay warm. However, my mother is walking around the house in an outfit that looks like it is more suited for the summer weather. Every day when I come home from school I expect to walk into the house and have the heater one. It is so cold outside and I have to walk home from school. I walk home because I live one block from the school and my mother works from home. I don’t mind the walk at all normally because I know the heater will be one when I get home. Lately though I have been coming home from school and the air conditioner has been blasting throughout the house. I really think that this is because my mother is having hot flashes. She would never in her right mind keep the air conditioner on in the middle of the winter. I hope that this hot flashes will pass soon because my walks home from school are getting miserable without knowing if the heater will be on when I get back home.

cooling worker