Grandparents house

My Grandpa and Grandma have lived in the same house since before I was born. It is a lovely little house on the countryside and I love every chance I get to go up to the country to visit with them. As I get older, the times I see them are few and far between. It makes me anxious to realize that they are getting older and I might not get to see them ever again, however so, I booked a flight and packed some bags to go spend a couple of days with them. I was looking forward to the trip and I was so happy when I was boarding the plane, but when I arrived, I was hit with the bad news that the Grandparents have decided to sell their home. I was so sad by the news that I spent our entire trip trying to convince them it was a awful idea to sell, then they told me the house was not worth the money they would have to put back into it, and my Grandma said they would have to completely update their new HVAC system. I believe their Heating and A/C idea has not been replaced in over thirty years. I said I would spend the money for a Heating and A/C dealer to come out as well as provide them a quote, but it seems they have already made up their minds about selling. I really don’t suppose the house needs much labor in regards to their Heating and A/C system, even though I don’t know much about heating as well as cooling repair. I just know I am going to miss this house!

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