Alcohol makes me need A/C

Whenever I start drinking, I always have to adjust the A/C system. Even during the middle of winter, I still have to use the A/C system if we are going to have a party. A few months ago, I threw a party at my Dad’s pool house. He was away on business, and I knew he wouldn’t be home all weekend. The pool house is a small one bedroom and one bathroom shack, but it overlooks the pool and garden terrace. I sent out an evite to all of my local friends. I told everyone to bring their own alcohol, cause I only had enough money for the necessary party supplies like chips and dip. I turned on the A/C unit, because I knew that I was going to need to cool down once the drinking began. It wasn’t long before my friend and I were dancing, drinking, and swimming in the pool. We were having a great time, and people were hanging out everywhere. I started to feel a little ill, so I went inside to lay down. The A/C felt great on my skin and I felt like I was burning up. After a few minutes, my friend brought me my phone. My Dad had called fifteen times during the last hour. When I called him back, he told me to get out of the pool house. He even threatened to alert the police. When I adjusted the A/C unit, it sent an electronic message to my Dad’s phone. I can’t believe I got caught partying, because of the A/C system thermostat!

ductless a/c