Air duct cleaning

I have been reading a lot of articles on heating and cooling lately. Many are suggesting that everyone should have the air ducts in their home cleaned regularly. I feel that, since knowledge about this topic is in its early stages, significant amounts of research is necessary. The other day, I came across an article that said studies have not been shown that duct cleaning can prevent health problems, and are just possibly one of the reasons. It said that the only time you must absolutely have your ducts cleaned is if there is substantial mold growth on the heating and cooling system if the ducts are infested with vermin (this one I feel is a give-away) and if your ducts are so clogged with dust and particles, you can actually see it coming out of the register. Some articles say that cleaning your heating and cooling system components may help better operating, so to do both at the same time. I feel as though it might cost me a lot of money to do all of it, but I think it is highly important to make sure you are breathing quality air, regardless of what certain articles may suggest. I feel as though I will do a bit more research about all of this before I dive into anything. I know that in the long run, heating and cooling maintenance will help save on energy costs and that will eventually be very helpful financially. I just think it is important to stay up to date on the newest innovations and studies to make sure you are living a healthy lifestyle.


Sports fanatic

When I was in junior high and high school, I played a lot of sports. By the time high school ended, I had played basketball, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, and I also danced. The things I stuck with were field hockey and dancing, which I ended up doing for ten years. I have always been active and very focused. I enjoy feeling good about myself, and I love competition. After college, when I was officially done with sports other than maybe indoor pickup games, I had to find something to keep my interest. I had never been into watching sports, but not being able to play anymore made it the next best thing. I find baseball dreadfully boring. I really enjoy playing basketball, but there are so many games, it makes it feel less special unless it’s the playoffs. With football, I found my match. I did some research, decided on my favorite team, and a few years later, I am now a die hard football fan. Whenever my team is on, I need absolute silence, chips and dip, and my team paraphernalia. Last night, when the game was on, the wind started picking up pretty dramatically. My head was right by the door so I was feeling the cold air push through. I really don’t like being disturbed by even the drop of a crumb when I am watching, so I absentmindedly went over to the thermostat and cranked on the heat to compensate for the cold air. I didn’t pay much attention since it was 4th and goal and I had to see the outcome! Our furnace takes a few minutes to kick in, and I was so invested in the game that I didn’t realize I had been taking off layers of clothing sitting it was so hot. My husband walked in and immediately went over to the thermostat and made an exclamation about the warmth in the room while looking at me questionably. He then peered at the TV and saw that my team was playing and nodded his head in understanding of why I scorched the place and didn’t seem to mind. Regardless of that one incident, we really do have to either fix the windows, or find an energy saving plan for a new HVAC system, because the cold air seeping through is just too chilly!

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Too hot for winter

I decided to move to the tropical climate, when I was twenty years old. I grew up in a small farming community, about fifty miles south of the arctic circle. The cold winter temperatures were unbearable, and I left as soon as I could. I was accepted to a small junior college, right outside of the magic kingdom. It was a world away from my original life, and I knew it would be an adventure. I arrived during the middle of winter, and I was abruptly surprised by the mild weather. I expected chilly weather, though I knew there would be no ice or snow. What I didn’t expect, was to find temperatures in the seventies. It was the middle of December, but the thermometer was reading 77 degrees that day. It was too hot to be the middle of winter. When I got to the dorms, I had to turn off the heating system. I was already feeling the scorching weather, and the heating system was not necessary. My new roommate walked in wearing a ski parka and a scarf. I almost laughed out loud. He started complaining about the heating system, and I knew we were gonna have problems. I tried to explain why the heating system was shut off, but he got angry very quickly. In a few minutes, he was storming down the hallway complaining about the heating system.  The RA appeared fifteen minutes later, and offered to solve the problem by moving our rooms. I agreed to the solution, and the two of us parted ways.

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Alcohol makes me need A/C

Whenever I start drinking, I always have to adjust the A/C system. Even during the middle of winter, I still have to use the A/C system if we are going to have a party. A few months ago, I threw a party at my Dad’s pool house. He was away on business, and I knew he wouldn’t be home all weekend. The pool house is a small one bedroom and one bathroom shack, but it overlooks the pool and garden terrace. I sent out an evite to all of my local friends. I told everyone to bring their own alcohol, cause I only had enough money for the necessary party supplies like chips and dip. I turned on the A/C unit, because I knew that I was going to need to cool down once the drinking began. It wasn’t long before my friend and I were dancing, drinking, and swimming in the pool. We were having a great time, and people were hanging out everywhere. I started to feel a little ill, so I went inside to lay down. The A/C felt great on my skin and I felt like I was burning up. After a few minutes, my friend brought me my phone. My Dad had called fifteen times during the last hour. When I called him back, he told me to get out of the pool house. He even threatened to alert the police. When I adjusted the A/C unit, it sent an electronic message to my Dad’s phone. I can’t believe I got caught partying, because of the A/C system thermostat!

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Terrible cooling unit in the gym

My boyfriend and I decided to move to a new city. It was closer to his job, and we would save a ton of money on gas and car repairs. The driving distance was the same for me either way, so I agreed to the change in address. When we made the transfer to a new city, we also had to find a new fitness center. My boyfriend and I work out at least four times each week. I am a personal trainer for a rehab center in the city, and he trains to run marathons. We both like to run at least five miles every day. It’s too hot in the summer to run outside, so we looked for a gym with a running track. We found a 24-hour fitness center with a full-sized running track on the upper level. The membership fees were very high, but the air conditioned track was worth of every penny. My boyfriend and I loved running around the track while still feeling the cool breeze from the air conditioner. The whole gym was great, and each level had its own theme. Every level had a great HVAC unit, because the gym was cool, clean, and smelled fresh. A lot of gyms will smell stale or sweaty, but this gym must have had an advanced cooling and ventilation system. The lower level of the fitness center was an inground, heated pool. The heated pool was the perfect way to relax after running fifteen miles on the track. This gym was worth the high price we were paying for our membership dues.

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Promotion means new HVAC unit

When my wife and I experienced a recent setback, we got behind on a few of our bills. We were doing our best to pay everything on time. The electricity company was sending us shut off notices, and the mortgage company was calling on the phone every day. When the HVAC unit stopped cooling, we had no way to fix the system. My wife and I crunched every number, but there was no way we could afford a new HVAC unit. Our HVAC unit had already been serviced three times over the last five years, so we knew it was likely due to be replaced. In order to call the HVAC technician, we would have to find two hundred dollars. At that time, that was our grocery money. We went without the cooling system for two months, before we could contact a professional to have it reviewed. The HVAC technician agreed with our prognosis; we needed a new HVAC unit. When I told the technician that we would have to wait, he asked if we wanted to finance the new HVAC unit. He set up a phone call consultation with the owner of the HVAC company. The owner of the company allowed us to make payments on the new system, with our two hundred dollars as the first installment. We were completely shocked by the generosity of the owner, and we never missed a single payment. We paid off the HVAC unit in less than two years. The kindness of that man will stick with me for the rest of my life.

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Morning Stretch and HVAC

I try to start out my day in the same way every day. I groggily get out of bed, feed the cats, wash my face, make my coffee, then sit on the couch and read my Bible. After I soak myself in God’s word, I go for a mile long walk and stretch out my muscles. This always helps me to have a productive day. After I got home from my walk yesterday, I started having an issue with my heating and cooling system. It had gotten quite cold during my walk, so I wanted to turn the furnace on to break the chill a little bit. Unfortunately, my furnace would not come on. I didn’t; think it was a problem with the thermostat, but I checked it out as best as I could. Finally, I went downstairs into my cellar. I hadn’t been down there in ages! My furnace was just covered in cobwebs and dust. I had no idea what I was looking for, but I glanced at ever part of my furnace that was easily accessible. I still had no idea what was wrong with my furnace. I pulled my sweater tightly around my body, and called up my local heating and cooling system repair shop. I had to resort to getting a professional heating and cooling system worker to come look at my furnace. It wasn’t freezing cold, but it was supposed to get even colder that night. I needed to get my furnace working again as soon as possible. Luckily, they were able to get a worker out that day.

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Hot flashes

I think my mother has recently started having hot flashes. I know she is only forty-two years old, but I really think she is started to have them. Lately she has been extra cranky and has been walking around the house in shorts and a tank top. I know that doesn’t sound like a crazy outfit, but the temperature outside is in the forties. We live in a very cold climate and most people are bundled up in sweaters and jackets so that they can stay warm. However, my mother is walking around the house in an outfit that looks like it is more suited for the summer weather. Every day when I come home from school I expect to walk into the house and have the heater one. It is so cold outside and I have to walk home from school. I walk home because I live one block from the school and my mother works from home. I don’t mind the walk at all normally because I know the heater will be one when I get home. Lately though I have been coming home from school and the air conditioner has been blasting throughout the house. I really think that this is because my mother is having hot flashes. She would never in her right mind keep the air conditioner on in the middle of the winter. I hope that this hot flashes will pass soon because my walks home from school are getting miserable without knowing if the heater will be on when I get back home.

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Grandparents house

My Grandpa and Grandma have lived in the same house since before I was born. It is a lovely little house on the countryside and I love every chance I get to go up to the country to visit with them. As I get older, the times I see them are few and far between. It makes me anxious to realize that they are getting older and I might not get to see them ever again, however so, I booked a flight and packed some bags to go spend a couple of days with them. I was looking forward to the trip and I was so happy when I was boarding the plane, but when I arrived, I was hit with the bad news that the Grandparents have decided to sell their home. I was so sad by the news that I spent our entire trip trying to convince them it was a awful idea to sell, then they told me the house was not worth the money they would have to put back into it, and my Grandma said they would have to completely update their new HVAC system. I believe their Heating and A/C idea has not been replaced in over thirty years. I said I would spend the money for a Heating and A/C dealer to come out as well as provide them a quote, but it seems they have already made up their minds about selling. I really don’t suppose the house needs much labor in regards to their Heating and A/C system, even though I don’t know much about heating as well as cooling repair. I just know I am going to miss this house!

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Sister got heated floors for her cats

My sister Penny is a little nuts when it comes to her cats. She has over 10 cats that she lets wander around in her house. It smells like cat pee and old hair in her entire home. The smell is so bad that I don’t like to go over to her place. The only reason she can bait me in to house watch for a weekend is due to her heated floors. I love her radiant flooring system and I want this in my house. The heating system is literally under your feet. Since we are colder in our lower half, this type of heating system makes it so you feel warmer. So the thermostat is set at a lower temperature and the heating system is saving you money. I like that the radiant heater also warms the couches, chairs and rugs as well. It is like always being on a heated seat. I prefer to actually sit on the heated floors and enjoy them for the weekend. The reason for this heating purchase was not for the energy saving or the minimal dust of the device, it was for the cats. Apparently Penny felt so bad for her cats in the Winter. She felt they had to compete to sit in front of the fireplace. The radiant heating system was her solution to the problem. She spend literally thousands of dollars all for her cats. I won’t even spend that on myself. As much as I love her radiant flooring system, it is still too expensive for me.

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