We want to all be cool

Last weekend, I took my family to this fantastic amusement park! Honestly, we had a wonderful time, even though it was a really hot afternoon in mid-summer. My family and I rode all kinds of rides, even taking some family pictures. In addition, we went to get pictures of us riding the roller coasters. I personally thought they were wonderful memories for us to cherish. And even though it was super hot, there were ways to cool off. We did go into some of the food sites that had air conditioning. I thought it was really great that they had such a convenient set up. Even though it was pretty crowded, the HVAC systems in those sites were honestly state-of-the-art. The two of us grabbed some snow cones and ice cream cones. Those cool treats were quite delicious after being in the blistering heat for so long. Riding the water rides were nice. Even when we were all completely soaked, it felt nice. Plus, we still dried off in a short amount of time because of how hot it was. I remember in one of the shops, they were selling solar powered fans. I picked up several of those for us so we could keep cool while sitting in the lines. They weren’t nearly as effective as an air conditioner, but they still worked pretty well. I would have to say one of my preferred rides was the water rapids. We went around on this circular raft plus I was totally soaked when we had to go under this waterfall. It really depended on where you were sitting in the raft, whether you were hit by the waterfall at all. Everyone was laughing at me, but it was a wonderful way to cool off! When we eventually chose to go back toward home, we cranked up the air conditioner plus talked about what rides we loved the best. My family wanted to go back again soon.

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