Want a place with nice heating

I am currently just looking at some rather small houses to simply just rent out right in the north. My idea is to actually just move closer to our parents. They have a nice house in the north and that is exactly where I want to be. I have yet to find a wonderful place though. All the rental homes seem to be on their very last legs. Also none of the locales have wonderful heating systems installed in them. If the rental property has a nice heater, it is not that wonderful. Most locales use a large fireplace or an older boiler system to stay warm. Any locale that has a nice fireplace, I am an automatic no for sure. Fireplaces are not that powerful I think, and are a ton of work for sure. That will not work well for the northern cold I would say. A real boiler plan just looks so very horrible. They usually are quite immense, rusted and about 100 years old as well. I have ven just learned that a boiler plan can last a super long time sometimes. But, I don’t want to take a gamble on the boiler system here. I would rather have a more straightforward ductless heating system. But, no place that I have simply looked at has a wonderful heating system like that. The real estate agents and people putting their homes right on the market don’t even seem to get how heating truly affects me. No way will I ever go into a beach house with a terrible heater lime that. Heating is rather fancy and heating installation, repair and care is going to cost a ton as well. I want to simply cut costs where I possibly can. So I am truly just looking for a very wonderful locale, with at least a wonderful heating system installed in it. Then I will be very willing to move in.