Want a heat pump for our house

When my husband, Andy, plus I built a rather small, holiday lodge right in the woods, I had thought it would be so totally awesome to have a really nice fireplace.  I had even just imagined us snuggled right up at night, watching the fire go plus maybe even roasting some nice marshmallows.  The first time all of us stayed in the lodge during the Winter, I had really realized our mistake. In order to have a fire in the fireplace there, Andy plus I first had simply needed to chop down some trees plus saw them into many appropriately sized logs.  This is a very difficult, bad plus labor-intensive process for sure.  It even took us all day to create a fairly small pile of logs that didn’t even last us more than a couple of mornings there.  Every one of us then needed to haul the heavy logs right back to the lodge plus drag them right indoors. The logs created a big plus filthy mess in the lodge for us.  There was a ton of dirt, wood chips, plus even bugs spread all over the site.  Every one of us finally just managed to light a fire, plus then I dealt with fumes, smoke, plus soot.  Every one of us could only really keep most if all of us sat right up close to the fire there plus I wasn’t even convinced that it was safe to leave truly unattended.  Andy plus I are now looking into several alternate ways to heat the entire lodge.  Every one of us are very fortunate to have some access to the electricity.  Every one of us are simply debating between a nice propane heating method plus an electric ductless heat pump.  I do enjoy the idea of the heat pump because it would deliver both heating plus cooling capability.  The component would be very compact, very easy to operate plus mount up very high right on the wall.  

heat pump system