This hospital needs some work

Roughly about a year ago, I had to take my dad to the hospital for a straightforward heart cath.  They explained that it was a normal procedure plus he would be back at the household after a couple of hours after the procedure was finished.  Over a week later, a lung infection, plus almost bleeding to death, he was able to come back home.  They were giving him antibiotics the whole time he was in there, to prevent the infection, but he got a bad infection anyway.  I was quite upset, because he was only back home for a few afternoons, plus he came down with a absolutely awful cold.  I called the hospital, plus I had been complaining about the air quality, the entire time he was there.  His room had a really terrible smell plus the bed was right next to the restroom.  Whenever it was used, the room smelled something like a sewage pipe.  I knew this wasn’t healthy for him in the least, plus I had someone send maintenance up.  They said the issue was with the ventilation system, but no one did anything to service it.  When they explained about the ventilation issue, I came to realize that I hadn’t heard the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C device turning on plus off lately.  I knew it was boiling hot in the room, but my dad didn’t even feel comfortable, especially with him being post surgical.  I inquired about the temperature, plus they said the temperature control wasn’t working at all.  I had my dad in one of the best hospitals on the east coast, plus they couldn’t get the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C device even working, or the ventilation fan in the restroom to work?  I asked what the $200,000 was paying for plus you should have witnessed the looks I got.