Thermostat at the grandparents

My new husband is so family-oriented that I can’t even begin to comprehend it. I myself grew up with severely low levels of family interaction and have generally removed myself from the extended family circuit at this point. However, my husband maintains close contact with every member of his family and still drops everything to be with them on a pretty regular basis. It’s eye-opening to see such an odd family dynamic. Yet at times it can be a real hassle too. For example, his grandfather is quite an overbearing guy and going to see him is rather uncomfortable. First, he lives three hours away from his other family, and when we arrive he always has the temperature control set to 90 degrees. The worst part is that he lives near Miami, so the air temperature is already incredibly high to start with. When you walk into his house, the indoor air is so swelteringly hot that it’s almost impossible to breath. The entire duration of our visit is spent gasping for air, trying to fan ourselves and catch a breeze from the single box fan blowing in the corner. I know he’s an older man whose body can’t regulate its own temperature efficiently. Even so, I don’t understand how he can survive in such heat! I asked my husband, who said he’s loved to run his gas furnace on high for as long as he can remember. I don’t know how he maintains this particular relationship; I dread each and every visit to his sauna of a home.

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